2014 Food and Flavor Trends

Will these talked-about flavors become true trends in 2014? No one knows for sure, but if buzz is an indicator of anything, you're likely to see at least a few of these not-so-well-known terms pop up on your favorite restaurant menu, product packaging or both in the year ahead. To prepare yourself for the inevitable, you can take our 2014 Buzzword Quiz to test your knowledge of these notable dishes and ingredients:

a. boquerones1. a pastry originating in NYC made from a proprietary recipe for laminated dough (similar to that used to make croissants), shaped like a doughnut
b. masala2. Danish open-faced toasts
c. chamoy sauce3. an often homemade blend of spices from northern India featuring cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves and ginger
d. cassava4. an Icelandic, naturally nonfat cultured dairy product that is very thick and creamy, similar to Greek yogurt
e. shakshuka5. crushed red pepper flakes, a variety originally from Turkey
f. cronut6. a high-temperature flat cooking surface, similar to a griddle
g. sorrel7. a flatbread made from maize, popular in Central and South America, often grilled and eaten as a sandwich
h. purslane8. a smoky, peppery liquor similar to tequila, made from any variety of agave, often sweetened to mask its rough flavor characteristics
i. sea beans9. a spice used in Middle Eastern cuisine to add a lemony taste
j. sumac10. a gluten-free flour alternative, also known as manioc or tapioca flour; this Brazilian staple is prized for its versatility
k. marash11. a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chile peppers and onions, often spiced with cumin
l. smörgåsar12. traditional Swedish open-faced sandwiches, usually served on buttered rye bread and often topped with cold meats and herbs
m. plancha13. marinated anchovies, typically served as an appetizer, popular in Spain
n. mezcal14. a perennial herb eaten like and often with salad greens; resembles baby spinach
o. skyr15. a succulent plant also known as marsh samphire; typically served steamed, with a flavor and texture similar to young asparagus
p. arepa16. an annual succulent, considered an exotic weed, eaten as a leafy vegetable that has a slightly sour, salty taste
q. smørrebrød17. a unique Mexican condiment made from apricot, lime, chiles and spices

What else is on the horizon? Major trend predictors have their money on beer, tea (as well as beer and tea cocktails) and ice cream sandwiches. We’re on board!


a. 13 / b. 3 / c. 17 / d. 10 / e. 11 / f. 1 / g. 14 / h. 16 / i. 15 / j. 9 / k. 5 / l. 12 / m. 6 / n. 8 / o. 4 / p. 7 / q. 2

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