Easy Weeknight Soups

Homemade soup is the choice of the season, but it's not always an ideal option for a busy weeknight. Unless you had the forethought to make extra last weekend and freeze it, many soup recipes are time-consuming, requiring lots of prep and stovetop simmering to allow flavors to develop. Not so with these three easy recipes, which utilize some great convenience products – dried herbs, packaged stock and prepared veggies – in recipes that are made for speed. Unlike typical bubble-all-day affairs, these soups pack intense flavor from the get-go so that you can get up and get going!

Featured Recipes

Weeknight Cream of Potato Soup
Weeknight Cream
of Potato Soup

Kowalski's Easy Italian Soup
Kowalski’s Easy Italian Soup


Fast Corn and Salmon Chowder
Fast Corn and Salmon Chowder


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