Kitchen Tips - February 2014

  • For equivalent flavor, substitute 3 times as much prepared mustard for ground mustard. Use caution in recipes where the moisture balance is critical (such as in baking recipes); the more mustard called for the greater the impact of the additional moisture. In salad dressing, sauces, marinades, egg dishes, soups, stews, meat and poultry dishes, prepared mustard is a convenient and suitable swap.
  • A Microplane™ or fine rasp-style grater can be used to grind small amounts of whole spices; a coffee grinder is useful for larger amounts. You can find nutmeg grinders and pepper mills in the Marketplace Department.
  • Queso fresco can be substituted for queso blanco in your favorite Mexican recipes; they're the same thing. Find queso fresco in the Dairy Department and in the Imported Cheese Department.
  • A piece of fresh bread in your brown sugar bag or canister will keep your sugar fresh and moist, but you can also invest in a sugar bear. This teddy-bear shaped piece of baked clay works similarly (it absorbs moisture from the sugar and releases it slowly over time) and is reusable. Find one in the Marketplace Department.
  • For the smoothest cheese sauces and soups, freshly shred or grate your cheese from a brick or block.

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