Stocking Up

Fill your cupboards, fridge and freezer with ingredients that give you options this winter. Our picks for the must haves at any given time appear below, along with ideas for how to incorporate these healthy choices into your mealtime repertoire.

(Note: some items need refrigeration after opening – check labels)
OilsExtra virgin olive oilSalad dressings and general cooking
Neutral-flavored oil, such as canola oilBaking and general cooking
VinegarBalsamic, rice, red wine vinegar and cider vinegarSalads, sauces, marinades and much more
Canned/bottled/packaged goodsDiced tomatoes and tomato pasteSoups, sauces and much more
Beans (such as garbanzo, black and kidney)Soups, salads, side dishes and casseroles
Chicken, beef and/or vegetable broth (select one with a reasonable amount of sodium, such as Kitchen Basics)Soups, sauces and as a cooking liquid for grains and much more
Tomato-based pasta saucesOn pasta or fish, in soups and much more
Fish (packed in water or oil)Tuna and salmonSalads, sandwiches, pasta dishes and casseroles
GrainsWhole grain pastas (in a variety of shapes and sizes)Casseroles, side dishes, soups and salads
Whole grains (such as brown rice, quinoa, freekeh, farro, wheat berries, barley, oats)Casseroles, side dishes, soups and salads
PotatoesAny varietyCasseroles, side dishes, soups and salads
Garlic and onionsYellow, white and red onions and whole bulbs of garlicGeneral cooking
Nuts, nut butters, seeds and dried fruitsAny variety of nut (raw or roasted, unsalted or lightly salted) any nut butter and any dried fruitSnacks, salads, baking and much more
Condiments and flavoringsFruit preserves, mustards, chile-garlic sauce, salsa, hot sauce, soy sauce, honey and pure maple syrupGeneral use
Spices and seasoningsSalt, pepper, chili powder, curry powder, ground cinnamon and ground gingerGeneral use
Dried herbsKowalski’s Bold Italian Seasoning, thyme, oreganoGeneral use
DairyLow-fat milkGeneral cooking, baking and drinking
Low-fat plain yogurtGeneral cooking, baking and snacking
A selection of cheeses for grating, shredding, melting and crumbling (such as Parmesan, Cheddar cheese and feta)General cooking, baking, snacking and much more
EggsOmelets, frittatas, breakfasts, salads, baking and much more
ProduceAny variety, including salad greens, peppers, carrots, celery, apples, bananas, lemons, limes and fresh herbsCasseroles, side dishes, soups, salads, snacking and general cooking
BreadWhole grain or sprouted breadSandwiches, French toast and much more
HummusAny varietySnacking and as a spread for sandwiches and much more
Frozen foodsPlain vegetables and unsweetened fruitsCasseroles, side dishes, soups, baking and much more

Use our "Good for You!" cards in nearly every section of the market to guide you to the healthiest choices within each food category.

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