In With the Old: Tomorrow's Recipes for Today's Fresh Bread

Some say there's nothing better than fresh bread, but day-old bread has its uses, too! If you've been overly tempted by the variety of fresh-baked options on our Artisan Bread Table, you may occasionally find yourself lucky enough to have too much bread on hand (if having too much bread is truly possible). But with all the ways you can use it, day-old artisan breads may just become something you plan for. So go ahead and indulge – and if any of your pillowy treasure remains tomorrow or thereafter, you can put it to good use again with one of these inspired ideas:

  • Herbed Artisan CroutonsMake fresh breadcrumbs for use in meatballs, meatloaf, breaded chicken or pork cutlets, fish fingers, etc. Store fresh breadcrumbs in the pantry up to 3 days (or freeze for 3 months!).
  • Day-old bread is actually preferred for some recipes, such as French toast, bread pudding and egg casseroles.
  • Use day-old bread to make grilled cheese and paninis.
  • Artisan bread makes great toast! You're unlikely to notice a difference even 2 days after purchase.
  • Homemade croutons make great additions to salads but are also wonderful in soups!
  • Bread freezes wonderfully. In the case of Take & Bake breads and rolls, bake only what you want to eat and freeze the rest. Thaw bread at room temperature in its original wrapping to prevent condensation from forming on the crust as it thaws.

Featured Recipe

Herbed Artisan Croutons

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