It's Tulip Time

TulipsA sure sign of spring, tulips are a refreshing sight for winter-weary Minnesotans. You can find locally grown tulips right now in the Floral Department. They're easily one of the most recognizable flowers in the world, but how much do you really know about tulips? This "tulip trivia" might surprise you:

Did You Know?

  • Though most commonly associated with Holland, tulips originated in Turkey.
  • Over half of the farmland in Holland is devoted to the farming of tulips.
  • The tulip is the third most popular flower in the world, behind roses and mums.
  • Red tulips are the most popular color of tulips.
  • Tulips keep growing after being cut! The movement occurs as the stems grow upward, while large flowers respond and grow towards available light. This phenomenon is known as phototropism.
  • Cut tulips last from 3-7 days. For longest life, buy flowers that are just starting to open.

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