Kitchen Tips - March 2014

  • You may have noticed Tajin seasoning on some of our new prepared produce products and wondered, "What is it?" It's a spice blend from Mexico that is specifically marketed for fruit but is great on carrots, Brussels sprouts and more. Its primary flavors are ground chiles, lime and salt. Replicate the flavor at home with chile powder (be sure not to use a blend that contains cumin, oregano, etc.), grated lime zest, lime juice and salt; it's great on pineapple, mango and papaya.
  • When frosting cupcakes, you can create a cool swirled effect by using two different color/flavor disposable icing/pastry bags inside a third, using a single decorating tip and collar.
  • Cooked beet greens are a great substitute for cooked spinach. Try them in soups, casseroles and stirred into grain side dishes.
  • Forget chicken wings! Toss hot meatballs with a mixture of 3 parts hot sauce whisked with 2 parts ketchup; serve as an appetizer with carrot and celery sticks and creamy blue cheese dressing.
  • Start testing your pasta 2 minutes before package directions suggest. Test every 30 seconds thereafter until you can bite through it easily with your front teeth but the pasta doesn't stick to them.

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