Hidden Gem: Turkey Hill Apiary Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey

Turkey Hill Barrel Aged HoneyTurkey Hill Apiary is part of a thriving local community of food producers and growers, located on 20 acres of oak forest and restored prairie just 25 miles south of the Twin Cities. It is in this idyllic, rustic local landscape where less than a dozen hives of Russian and Minnesota Hygienic bee breeds buzz around native flowers, wild plum trees, heirloom apple trees and many types of hardwood trees. These breeds were especially chosen for their ability to deal with cold temperatures and for their natural resistance to mites, parasites and other diseases. Respecting their natural rhythms, providing pesticide-free forage and maintaining bee health are key to the special qualities of Turkey Hill Honey.

Turkey Hill Apiary ages this wildflower honey for several months in a bourbon barrel. There's something very special that happens to anything that gets the honor of being aged in a spent bourbon barrel. Flavors are deepened by the charred, bourbon-saturated oak wood, lending a lingering hit of booze and smoke to anything it touches. When it comes to Turkey Hill Honey, the flavor of the bourbon is right up front but yields to softer notes of apple and white grape. They also produce a rye honey made from honey aged in rye bourbon barrels, imparting a mild spicy flavor.

Look for Turkey Hill Honey in the Imported Cheese Department at select Kowalski's Markets.

Selection and availability vary by market.

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