Home Run: Rachael's New Hit List

Her "Hot List" has become the "Hit List," both in honor of baseball season and because they're choices that are scoring her big points at home! We wanted to know why, so we've asked Chef Perron to give us the breakdown on these winning tastes:

Kowalski's Tandoori Naan

"I regret little in life, but I have to admit that I am sad I didn't try Indian food sooner. I absolutely love it. A particular favorite is naan, which is so, so good for scooping up so many great Indian dishes and sauces. Even if you don't like Indian, naan is great for any saucy dish and makes a great substitute for pita bread and pizza crust. I also love to wrap a big piece around a bratwurst with some dill sauce or coleslaw, maybe add some tomato, lettuce and raw red onion. I'm even more excited about the new Mini Tandoori Naan in the Bakery Department. Think of them as the Indian equivalent of dinner rolls. Everybody gets their own distinct piece – I love that! And I am super pumped about trying them as individual grilled pizzas this month, too."

Find Kowalski's Tandoori Naan in the Bakery Department.

Screamin' Sicilian Pizza
Screamin' Sicilian Pizza

Sometimes I get a little too drawn in by packaging. I can be kind of shallow as a shopper! Prettily designed boxes and bags and clever marketing language doesn't equal taste or quality, but in the case of this pizza, it does. You even get a little cardboard mustache to play with while your pizza bakes – so good for distracting hungry children! But back to the taste – wow. Yum. Frozen pizza isn't something I buy a lot of, but this one will be a repeat purchase in my house."

Find it in the Frozen Foods Department.

Saffron Road Rogan Josh Simmer Sauce

Saffron Road Rogan Josh Simmer Sauce

"I really like all of Saffron Road's meal-making pouches. I started buying them as a way to try out some flavor profiles on my family without having to commit to a lot of other ingredients I would need in order to make these dishes from scratch, but I've liked them so much I just keep buying them. They're all natural, so I feel good serving them, and it is really nice to have a time-saver in the kitchen some nights!"

Find Saffron Road products in the International Foods Aisle.

Stonewall Kitchen Mango Chutney
Stonewall Kitchen Mango Chutney

"I don't know how I decided to put this on a burger one day. I was playing around with a recipe in my test kitchen one day when I saw this in the fridge and decided, 'Why not?' And as happens so often, I couldn't understand why I hadn't thought of it before. It's going to replace ketchup on my burger all summer long. I've also found it works well as a stand-in for pizza sauce, tastes great on an egg sandwich and adds awesome flavor to my Indian 10-Layer Dip. I'll find more uses I'm sure when I buy more, because I'm out. Again.

Find Stonewall products in the Deli Department.

Kowalski's Special Seasoning

"The name says 'special,' so I figured it had to be good. And now I know it is. With a go-with-everything base of salt, pepper, garlic, onion and sugar, you might think it was less exceptional than it is, but it also has some particularly unique flavor accents that add a touch of 'What is that?' (in a good way) to meat, poultry, potatoes and more. How about coriander, nutmeg, paprika, chile peppers and turmeric? Now that's what I call special."

Find Kowalski's Spices in the Spice Aisle.

Kowalski's Indian Chickpea Salad

"With peppers and raisins and a mild curry dressing, this has become an obsession. Thankfully it's Good Foods for Good Health approved!"

Find this and many other Good Foods for Good Health Salads in the Deli Department.

Stonefire Italian Artisan Pizza Crust

"If I'll eat it on a plate, I'll eat it on this. My crew loves to see it piled high with leftover Beef Rogan Josh and recently went a little crazy when I topped it with chorizo, Monterey Jack cheese, scrambled eggs, cilantro and salsa."

Find it in the Deli Department.

Tajin Seasoning

"We chefs like salt. That's not a secret. But combine salt with a little heat and a little something tart and lip-puckery and you have Tajin – what could be better? Chiles and lime provide a perfectly balanced accent that is tasty on crunchy crudité like carrot, jicama, cucumbers, etc., and are particularly nice when sprinkled on something sweet – papaya and mango are my favorites."

Find Tajin in the International Foods Aisle.

Kowalski's Parmesan Shaker
Kowalski's Parmesan Shaker

"As much as we like locally made, truly great Parmesan comes from Italy, and so does this. We love good Parm, and I love that now we can have it in the classic tabletop shaker so I can shake it over everything – eggs, pizza, rice, vegetables, you name it."

Find it in the Dairy and Grocery Departments.

Kowalski's Fire Roasted Salsa

"Don't get me wrong, I love a fresh, brightly flavored pico de gallo-style salsa as much as anyone, but I can't stop myself (or anyone else in my house) when it comes to this fresh, puréed tomato salsa that has a great smoky background flavor without tasting "cooked" like some such salsas can be. It's got just the right amount to natural tomato sweetness and a medium heat profile. It's pretty addictive."

Find Kowalski's Fire Roasted Salsa in the Deli Department.

Kowalski's Cashew Tofu Spread

"I am not a tofu fan. Or am I? I guess I am! Proving the point I am constantly trying to make to my children: that you never know until you try it! I thought I'd never hear my son ask me to please bring home something containing tofu. This is good stuff. It's good scooped up with quinoa chips or crackers or spread on a pita or wrap sandwich. Tasting a little bit like a nutty, slightly sweet hummus, you just have to trust me and give it a shot."

Find it in the Grab & Go Section of the Deli Department.

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