In Season: Stone Fruits

Named for the fact that they have a single hard "stone" in their center rather than numerous seeds throughout, stone fruits are a summertime favorite. Great stone fruits are available January-April from various locations worldwide, but for many, the best fruits come from the West Coast of the United States starting in late May through August, depending, of course, on the weather.

Peachesearly May through August

Blackberries and Stonefruit with Syrup

Nectarinesearly May through August
Rainier Cherrieslate May through mid-July
Bing Cherrieslate May through mid-August
Apricotsearly June through August
Plumsearly June through September
Pitting peaches, plums and apricots is easier with a melon baller. Cut the fruit through the poles around the pit as you would an avocado; twist to separate the halves and use the melon baller to scoop out the stone inside. Clingstone peaches are more difficult (as the name suggests, the pits "cling" to the flesh), so if ease is a priority, buy freestone varieties.

What about avocados?

Though they are technically a fruit and have just one seed, avocados do not belong to the same botanical family as peaches, cherries and other stone fruits. However, the best season for avocados is right now! Hass avocados from Mexico are the gold standard when it comes to this nutty, creamy and mildly sweet gem. Pick fruit that yields to gentle pressure at the neck without being mushy.

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