Situk River Sockeye Salmon

Fishermen in the Situk use short-soak set nets with a low bycatch rate to sustainably fish for sockeyeThe Situk River flows southwest through the coastal fishing village of Yakutat, Alaska, a tiny community that is widely known as the largest seafood producer in the states. The native fishermen of the Yakutat community fishery take great care to preserve their culture, their way of life and most importantly the natural resources. Every June, when sockeye salmon run the Situk, special river nets are used that allow the fishermen to target a specific, sustainable salmon population.

These are the kind of mindful, sustainable fishing practices we admire and are proud to support. Join us for the next several weeks and enjoy the unique flavor of Situk River Sockeye Salmon.

Situk River Sockeye Salmon

Map of the Situk RiverPerhaps the finest sockeye salmon you'll ever taste comes from the remote, pristine waters of the Yakutat Peninsula.

  • Features a very deep red color
  • Very high in omega-3 oils (so high, in fact, that sometimes it sizzles when you cook them)
  • An amazingly delicious salmon

The Situk Salmon run starts in late June and usually lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. Stop in and try this unique salmon experience before it runs out.

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