Our Beer Pick for Fall

Early autumn is pumpkin beer season. With over 400 spicy brews made nationwide, our Wine Shops will carry a good selection while they are available in September and October. Pumpkin beers have a long history in the U.S. and were quite common in the colonial period when quality barley was not always available. New life was given to this forgotten beer when Buffalo Bill's Brewery in Hayward, California, began brewing one in the late 1980s, drawing inspiration from a recipe that allegedly belonged to George Washington. Today's pumpkin beers are usually flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

Fall BeerSome of Our Favorites

BROOKLYN POST ROAD PUMPKIN ALE: Hundreds of pounds of pumpkin are added to the mash of each batch, providing rich pumpkin flavor.

WEYERBACHER IMPERIAL PUMPKIN ALE: This full-bodied choice is amped up with a little extra cardamom and clove.

SOUTHERN TIER PUMPKING: Our top dog in the pumpkin category tastes just like a slice of pumpkin pie.

NEW HOLLAND ICHABOD ALE: We love this smooth and malty brew with its bright nutmeg aromatics.

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