Artisan Cheese Trays

Shelburne Farms Six-Month Cheddar, Bent River Camembert, Humboldt Fog, Les Frères, Northern Lights Blue, French Nugget, fresh strawberries, red and green grapes, and Door County Montmorency dried cherries. Serves 15-20.

Bent River Camembert, Cotswold, Humboldt Fog, Manchego, Goat Gouda, Northern Lites Blue, red and green grapes, fresh strawberries and caramelized walnuts. Serves 15-20.

Goat Cheese Torta with Peppadew™ Peppers, Roasted Garlic & Olives and Blue Cheese Torta with Date Jam & Roasted Hazelnuts. Served with Potter's Crackers and red and green grapes. Serves 15-20.

Three varieties of crackers are the perfect accompaniment for our cheese trays, salmon trays and Italian Antipasto Tray. Serves 15-20.

Quickes Farmhouse Cheddar, Cotswold, Colston Bassett Stilton, Fine Cheese Co. Fruit Spread, fresh blackberries, fresh raspberries and caramelized walnuts. Serves 15-20.

Délice de Bourgogne from France, Goat Gouda from Holland, Manchego from Spain, Stilton from England, Aged Piave from Italy, red and green grapes, and dried Bartlett pears. Serves 15-20.

Fromager d'Affinois, Mimolette, Ossau-Iraty, St. Agur, Le Roulé with Garlic & Herbs, fresh strawberries and fresh blackberries. Serves 15-20.

Robiola due Latte, Aged Piave, Stelvio, Mountain Gorgonzola, Prunotto Balsamic Jelly, fresh strawberries and Marcona almonds. Serves 15-20.

Prairie Breeze Cheddar, Ader Käse Blue, Bent River Camembert, Rosemary Asiago, Door County Cherries, Lucille's Kitchen Mead Jelly, and red and green seedless grapes. Serves 15-20.

A creamy wheel of Brie cheese is sliced in half and filled with jam, then topped with sweet seasonal berries. Serves 15-20.