Romaine lettuce layered with chicken breast, crumbled feta, dried cranberries and walnuts. Served with all natural white French dressing for a sweet and savory treat. Serves 10-12.

This classic salad combines romaine lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes and croutons served with choice of dressing. Serves 10-12.

This crowd-pleasing salad consists of romaine lettuce, black beans, sweet corn, fresh tomatoes and Cotija cheese. The taco dressing gives added flavor to this fresh salad. Serves 10-12.

Spring mix lettuce topped with fresh raspberries, dry roasted almonds, feta, sunflower seeds, red onions and raspberry poppy seed dressing. Serves 10-12.

Enjoy the combination of bowtie pasta, Roma tomatoes, Kalamata olives, red bell pepper strips, cucumber, crumbled feta cheese and a flavorful feta dressing for our take on the classic Greek Salad. Serves 20.* (*Based on 4 oz. serving)

This classic salad is made up of crisp romaine lettuce, cucumber slices, red onion, grape tomatoes, capers, Kalamata olives, crumbled feta cheese and red wine vinaigrette. Serves 10-12.

Capers and feta cheese add their distinct flavors to penne pasta, tomatoes and chewy sun-dried tomatoes. Italian dressing and Parmesan cheese round out this fabulous salad. Serves 20.* (*Based on a 4 oz. serving)

Small balls of fresh mozzarella cheese are tossed with spring mix and romaine salad greens, grape tomatoes, pitted Kalamata olives, pine nuts, green onions and white balsamic vinaigrette for a crowd-sized version of this classic Italian favorite. Serves 10-12.

Colorful rotini pasta, garden fresh vegetables, pepperoni and Parmesan cheese are combined with Italian dressing and special seasoning for a zesty pasta salad. Serves 20.* (*Based on 4 oz. serving)

A trio of salads served with an artisan hard roll, fruit and a mini cheesecake. Salad selection varies.