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Rachael Perron, Culinary Director for Kowalski's Markets, along with her producer and sidekick Adam Lee are joined by their foodtastic friends and colleagues to chat about seasonal flavors, favorite foods, trending topics in nutrition, and all things yummy, all while trying to answer the question, "What's for Dinner Tonight?" Podcasts averaging 15 minutes per episode are perfect for busy yet hungry listeners who'd like a little assistance making dinner plans. Each episode ends with an easy and delicious seasonal menu suggestion.

Adam Lee and Rachael Perron in Studio

Latest Episodes 

Episode 542/20/17Bread PairingsWe're all about great pairing suggestions, whether you're looking for a side dish to pair with your fish or a wine to go with your steak. But how about some ideas for pairing your breads? Plan your meal around everyone's favorite carbs with Adam and Rachael's bread pairing tips.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Italian Dunkers
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Episode 532/14/17The Big 3
Guest: Sue Moores
Carbohydrates, protein and fats are the three major nutrients our bodies need every day. But lately there's been plenty of confusion and debate over how much of one in proportion to the others is best for good health. Friend of the show Sue Moores stops by to offer some healthful and helpful advice.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Shrimp Scampi
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Episode 522/7/17Detox All Year Round
Guest: Sue Moores
Juice fasts and cleanses are pretty popular post-holidays. Sue Moores returns to the program with some great advice on maximizing your body's built-in detox system all year round.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Open-Faced Chili Cheeseburgers
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Episode 512/6/17Souper Popular
Guest: Jenny Mahoney
Soup is a staple of the Upper Midwestern diet this time of year, and there's a soup for every soup lover. Kowalski's Deli Director and friend of the show Jenny Mahoney is back to talk about her favorite soups and soup recipes of the season.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
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Episode 501/31/17Foods to Celebrate WithFrom birthdays and anniversaries to holidays, food is often the focus of many of life's celebrations. In this episode Rachael and Adam discuss the foods we love to celebrate with on all manner of occasions.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Meatloaf Sandwiches
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Upcoming Episodes

Season 1, Episode 552/27/17Trend Alert: Veggie Noodles
Guest: Jeremy Lee
Vegetables as Main Dishes and Veggies as Comfort Foods are expected to be big trends in 2017. Veggie "noodles" are a fun way to push vegetables to the center of the plate. Produce Director Jeremy Lee returns to the show to talk about this supremely fun vegetable product and how to use it.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Veggie Puttanesca
Season 1, Episode 563/6/17Preparing Perfect PastaBoiling water is just the beginning! Expertly cooked pasta is part science, part art. Adam and Rachael talk trade tips for pasta perfection.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Pasta Bolognese
Season 1, Episode 573/13/17Spring Fruit Season
Guest: Jeremy Lee
Sure, you know mango and pineapple. But what about other exotic fruits? Spring is the time to enjoy them, says Produce Expert Jeremy Lee, who invites Adam and Rachael to join him on a culinary trip to the tropics.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Favorite Spring Salad
Season 1, Episode 583/20/17Cheeses for Spring
Guest: Joe Moore
Spring is the season for bright, fresh flavors, including cheese. Sheep's milk and goat's milk cheeses, especially fresh or young aged ones, are at their best this time of year and pair perfectly with springy fruit flavors. Cheesemonger Joe Moore suggests some to try right now.
Dinner Tonight Menu: New Sausage & Peppers

About the Hosts

Dinner Tonight Podcast Host Rachael Perron

Rachael Perron is the host of Kowalski's Dinner Tonight. Her prior experience in the recording "biz" includes voicemail greetings, answering machine work and a few unpublished mix tapes she self-produced in the late '80s using a SHARP QT-50 cassette player.

When she's not recording, Rachael serves as the Culinary Director at Kowalski's Markets, specializing in product development and selection. She directs research and production chefs in both hot foods and ready-to-eat prepared foods and organizes culinary education and related communications. She participates actively in marketing, merchandising, media strategies and branding initiatives for the company and serves as Art and Content Director for Kowalski's in-house publication, At Home with Kowalski's.

Rachael spends the rest of her off hours making dinner (and breakfast, lunch and lots of snacks) for two hungry teens and her husband, Jerry. The Perrons call White Bear Lake home.

Dinner Tonight Podcast Producer Adam Lee

Dinner Tonight Producer Adam Lee started his broadcast career at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. In the past 12 years he's worked at three different radio stations, most notably a four-year stint at 92 KQRS. He has also worked on several podcasts as both producer and host.

Adam's great passion for broadcasting is matched by his love of food. He serves as Assistant Manager at Kowalski's Shoreview Market, and he is proud to sell the best quality groceries in the Twin Cities.

Adam spends his free time with his lovely wife, Erin, messing around with friends and family, traveling, fishing and trying to stay out of trouble. He and Erin live in Hugo.