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Rachael Perron, Culinary Director for Kowalski's Markets, along with her producer and sidekick Adam Lee are joined by their foodtastic friends and colleagues to chat about seasonal flavors, favorite foods, trending topics in nutrition, and all things yummy, all while trying to answer the question, "What's for Dinner Tonight?" Podcasts averaging 15 minutes per episode are perfect for busy yet hungry listeners who'd like a little assistance making dinner plans. Each episode ends with an easy and delicious seasonal menu suggestion.

Adam Lee and Rachael Perron in Studio

Latest Episodes 

Episode 726/26/17Battling Blood Pressure
Guest: Sue Moores
One in three adults has high blood pressure, and one in five don't even know they have an issue. Sue Moores joins Rachael and Adam with practical advice on how to get a handle on hypertension.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Lamb Burgers
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Episode 716/19/17Everything's Coming Up KalbiKowalski's Original Kalbi, an ingredient used in authentic Korean barbeque, may be our most successful Signature item ever. Learn about the two newest additions to our Kalbi line and how this extremely versatile sauce can bring an exotic flavor to chicken, fish, pork, red meat and even veggies.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Sticky Sweet Chicken Satays
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Episode 706/12/17Making At Home with Kowalski'sKowalski's in-house magazine, At Home with Kowalski's, is celebrating its 50th issue! Rachael takes us behind the scenes for the making of an issue. She and Adam remember some of the publication's many milestones over the last 14 years.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Favorite Summer Burgers
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Episode 696/5/17Getting DressedDo you like fries with your ketchup? Jelly with your peanut butter? Salad with your dressing? Condiment lovers unite! Rachael shares the story of a new line of fresh salad dressings in the Produce Department, just in time for salad season!
Dinner Tonight Menu: Steakhouse Salad
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Episode 685/29/17Better Bones
Guest: Sue Moores
Bone health isn't just an issue for older adults and little kids. Bone is living tissue that changes constantly throughout our lives. Sue Moores joins the show to tell us how to build better bones and keep them healthy at every stage of life.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Kabobs and Herbed Slaw
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Episode 675/22/17An Herb PrimerFresh herbs are a great way to add flavor to food, but knowing which herbs work well together and with what foods is a challenge for some. Rachael and Adam discuss popular herbs, their key flavors and best uses.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Kalbi Chicken Lettuce Wraps
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Episode 665/15/17The Spice of LifeRachael and Adam explore the world of spices. Learn how to buy, store and mix spices and which blends are worth your buck.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Angry Burgers
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Episode 655/8/17Thanks, Mom!For many of us, Mom is the first person we cook with. She teaches us basic skills and family recipes and influences our food life in oftentimes huge ways. This Mother's Day, Adam and Rachael reflect on what they've learned about food and cooking from their moms.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Turkey Burgers and Cider Slaw
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Episode 645/1/17Great Graduation PartiesSchool's out or soon will be, and that means grad parties. Adam and Rachael discuss what's changed over the years and what's trending with today's graduates.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Sticky Sweet Chicken Satays
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Episode 634/24/17Stump RachaelAdam puts Chef Perron to the test with some "common" culinary questions.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Coconut Curry Chicken
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Episode 624/17/17Super Salmon
Guest: Troy Schmeling
Skuna salmon is one of our favorite salmon! Find out why when Meat & Seafood Director Troy Schmeling returns to the show to share updated info on the great things happening at Skuna's farm.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Whole Grain Salmon Bowl
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Upcoming Episodes

Season 1, Episode 737/3/17The Evolution of Nutrition Bars
Guest: Sue Moores
When it comes to nutrition bars these days, we certainly don't lack choices. Do you know how to pick a good one? Rachael and Adam get the lowdown on selecting a beneficial bar from their favorite health and nutrition expert, Sue Moores.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Chimichurri Flank Steak
Season 1, Episode 747/10/17Rooting for Roots
Guest: Sue Moores
Kowalski's Nutritionist Sue Moores is back, this time in her capacity as founder of Roots for the Home Team. The program, which partners with youth gardens in the Twin Cities, is growing some good in our community. Adam learns what's new and tasty with Roots this season.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Tropical Grilled Tuna
Season 1, Episode 757/17/17Pre- and Probiotics
Guest: Sue Moores
What are the pros and cons of pre's and pro's? Biotics, that is. Adam asks regular guest Sue Moores to define each and offer suggestions on when and how to incorporate them into your nutrition plan.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Summery Thai Salmon Sandwich
Season 1, Episode 767/24/17Grilling Smart
Guest: Sue Moores
Adam and Sue Moores discuss everyone's favorite summer cooking technique and share tips on how to get the best from grilled goodies.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Grilled Rainbow Trout

About the Hosts

Dinner Tonight Podcast Host Rachael Perron

Rachael Perron is the host of Kowalski's Dinner Tonight. Her prior experience in the recording "biz" includes voicemail greetings, answering machine work and a few unpublished mix tapes she self-produced in the late '80s using a SHARP QT-50 cassette player.

When she's not recording, Rachael serves as the Culinary Director at Kowalski's Markets, specializing in product development and selection. She directs research and production chefs in both hot foods and ready-to-eat prepared foods and organizes culinary education and related communications. She participates actively in marketing, merchandising, media strategies and branding initiatives for the company and serves as Art and Content Director for Kowalski's in-house publication, At Home with Kowalski's.

Rachael spends the rest of her off hours making dinner (and breakfast, lunch and lots of snacks) for two hungry teens and her husband, Jerry. The Perrons call White Bear Lake home.

Dinner Tonight Podcast Producer Adam Lee

Dinner Tonight Producer Adam Lee started his broadcast career at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. In the past 12 years he's worked at three different radio stations, most notably a four-year stint at 92 KQRS. He has also worked on several podcasts as both producer and host.

Adam's great passion for broadcasting is matched by his love of food. He serves as Assistant Manager at Kowalski's Shoreview Market, and he is proud to sell the best quality groceries in the Twin Cities.

Adam spends his free time with his lovely wife, Erin, messing around with friends and family, traveling, fishing and trying to stay out of trouble. He and Erin live in Hugo.