Beyond Chips: Using Kowalski's Fresh Fruit Salsas

Very Easy
Serving size varies
Beyond tortilla chips, and way, way beyond tacos, here are some unique ideas for incorporating fresh and fruity salsas into your favorite recipes and dishes.
  • Serve on grilled steak, chicken, fish, chops – you name it!
  • Stir into mayo; serve as an alternative to sour cream and plain salsa on tacos.
  • Purée; add lime juice and oil and use it to marinate steak.
  • Top slices of Kowalski's Fresh Mozzarella with salsa; drizzle with olive oil and a splash of vinegar. Serve a la Caprese salad.
  • Top fried eggplant slices with salsa and crumbled goat's cheese.
  • Purée; stir into gazpacho.
  • Stir into sour cream; serve on a baked sweet potato.
  • Stir into chicken salad, tuna salad or potato salad.
  • Purée; whisk with Ranch dressing or ketchup. Use wherever you would use plain Ranch dressing or ketchup.