Cheesy Refried Beans

Serves 6
None Specified

1 slice bacon, finely diced

1 cup diced onion

1 tbsp. canola oil

3 tbsp. minced jalapeño peppers

3 cloves garlic, finely minced

30 oz. pinto beans, rinsed and drained, divided

1/4 cup hot water

1 tbsp. fresh squeezed lime juice

- kosher salt, to taste

3/4 cup Pepper Jack cheese


Cook bacon in a medium skillet over medium heat until crisp; add onion and oil. Cook onion until dark golden and very soft (about 9 min.). Add peppers and garlic; cook 1 min. more. In a food processor, purée onion mixture with about 2/3 of the beans and water until smooth. Stir in remaining beans and lime juice by hand. Season to taste with salt. Spread beans in a 2-qt. baking dish; cover with cheese. Bake in a preheated 450° oven until thoroughly hot and cheese is melted and golden (about 15 min.).