Cut roast into quarters; rub with dry soup mix. Place roast in large crockpot. Dissolve soup base in water; pour around roast. Sprinkle roast with garlic. Cook on high until beef is tender enough...

Serves 24

In a medium skillet, melt butter over medium heat; sauté onions until soft (8-10 min.); push onions to side of pan. Rub roast with seasoning; brown roast on both sides (about 3 min. per side)....

Serves 6

Combine first 7 ingredients in a crockpot. Cover; cook on low 5 hrs. In a small bowl, combine flour and butter; stir into hot chili to thicken. Ladle into individual bowls; garnish with cilantro...

Serves 12

Season turkey with salt and pepper; place in a slow cooker. Add chicken stock. Cook on high 5-6 hrs. or low 7-8 hrs. Remove turkey from the cooker; discard skin and bones. Strain cooking liquid to...

Serves 8