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Rachael Perron, Culinary Director for Kowalski's Markets, along with her producer and sidekick Adam Lee are joined by their foodtastic friends and colleagues to chat about seasonal flavors, favorite foods, trending topics in nutrition, and all things yummy, all while trying to answer the question, "What's for Dinner Tonight?" Podcasts averaging 15 minutes per episode are perfect for busy yet hungry listeners who'd like a little assistance making dinner plans. Each episode ends with an easy and delicious seasonal menu suggestion.

Adam Lee and Rachael Perron in Studio

Season 1

Episode 461/17/17Tea Time
Guest: Sue Moores
One of the world's most popular beverages is also one of the healthiest. Sue Moores is back to help us understand why this beverage is good for good health. Rachael Perron also offers culinary tips for masterful brewing.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Easy Mexican Dinner Bowls
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Episode 451/16/17Leverage Your Beverage
Guest: Sue Moores
Usually she tells us what to eat to stay healthy, but today it's all about what we should drink. Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Sue Moores is back to toast your good health.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Spaghetti Dinner
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Episode 441/10/17Customer Q&AThe tables are turned as host Rachael Perron shares answers to some of the most common (and most unusual) questions customers ask about things like properly storing produce, entertaining guests, cooking for food allergies and what you can and can't put in the freezer.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Rustic Italian Supper
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Episode 431/9/17The Joy of Good Fish IIIWe wrap up our fish series with answers to some customer questions about buying and storing fish.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Sushi Supper
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Episode 421/3/17The Joy of Good Fish IIWe continue our three-part series on fish by answering some of the most common questions people have about cooking it.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Quinoa & Grapefruit Salad
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Episode 411/2/17The Joy of Good Fish I
Guest: Sue Moores
If you've resolved to eat more fish in 2017, Kowalski's Nutritionist Sue Moores has some great info and tips to get you started in the first of our three-part series on fish.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Slow Roasted Citrus Salmon
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Episode 4012/27/16Gut Check
Guest: Sue Moores
Nutritionist Sue Moores is back to get our new year off to a healthy start. She shares thoughts on paleo diets, cleanses and our digestive "gardens."
Dinner Tonight Menu: Marinated Tenderloin Steak
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Episode 3912/26/16Dexa Dishes
Guest: Dexa Franks
White Bear Lake Cheese Specialist Dexa Franks joins us to discuss the easy and impressive foods that those entertaining guests for New Year's will want to know about.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Fall Pork Chop Supper
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Episode 3812/20/16Holiday Traditions: Food and Family
Guests: Kris Kowalski Christiansen and Mary Anne Kowalski
It's the busiest and best time of year for a grocery business! Owners Mary Anne Kowalski and Kris Kowalski Christiansen join us to share what brings them joy at holiday time as well as the dishes that always make their holiday table.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Sirloin Steak and Potatoes
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Episode 3712/19/16Perfect Holiday Cookies!
Guests: Kris Schaak and Peter Wildberger
Listeners making cookies this season will want to listen in as Kowalski's Pastry Chefs Kris Schaak and Peter Wildberger join the program to share their best baking advice gleaned from years of professional (and yummy!) experience.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Easy Pasta Pomodoro
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Episode 3612/13/16Holiday Traditions: The Family Meal
Guests: Terri Bennis and Jenny Mahoney
Even people who don't often get together for meals find themselves with houses full of hungry guests at holiday time. Kowalski's VP of Perishable Food Operations Terri Bennis and Deli Director Jenny Mahoney share what they love (and maybe a little of what they don't) about big family meals.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Autumn Stuffed Chicken
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Episode 3512/12/16Holiday Traditions: Gifts from the Grocery Store
Guest: Rob Carry
Those looking for a unique holiday gift might want to look for one in a unique place! Kowalski's Gift and Floral Director Rob Carry has some suggestions for the hardest to shop for on your list.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Pumpkin Alfredo Pasta
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Episode 3412/6/16Holiday Traditions: Baking
Guest: Russ Tourville
Russ Tourville rejoins Rachael and Adam to talk about baking, that popular holiday tradition in many homes, and the special holiday recipes and flavors we all crave this time of year.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Panettone Sandwiches
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Episode 3312/5/16How to Gift a Bottle of Wine
Guest: Brian Mallie
Wine is a popular gift at holiday time, but how to pick the right one? Wine Director Brian Mallie offers up some suggestions on selecting a bottle for your host or hostess.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Pasta Italia
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Episode 3211/29/16The Winter Pantry
Guest: Sue Moores
What foods should you have on hand all winter to help you beat the blues, boost immunity or minimize weight gain? Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Sue Moores is here to help us make some smart health picks.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Stir Fry
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Episode 3111/28/16Holiday Cheese Dazzler Preview
Guest: Joe Moore
Cheese Specialist Joe Moore returns to the program with perfect pairings and a preview of yummy tastes to come in the Specialty Cheese Department.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Sicilian Tomato Salad
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Episode 3011/22/16Holiday Traditions: Leftovers!
Guest: Deb Kowalski
Leftovers are as much a holiday tradition as the turkey itself. Rachael, Adam and a special guest, who positively excels in leftovers, trade tasty ideas from tried and true to new and novel.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Turkey Meatloaf
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Episode 2911/21/16Holiday Traditions: The Cocktail Party
Guests: Jenny Mahoney and Deb Kowalski
Looking for holiday party ideas? Rachael mixes up some seasonal sippers and nibbles to share with Adam and a few special friends who stop by the show.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Fresh Frittata Meal
Listen to "Holiday Traditions: Leftovers" on Spreaker.
Episode 2811/15/16Holiday Traditions: Turkey
Guest: Troy Schmeling
It's turkey time! Kowalski's Meat & Seafood Director Troy Schmeling returns to the program to tell us how to make the right pick for our table and offers tips on preparing it perfectly.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Almost Thanksgiving Dinner
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Episode 2711/14/16Holiday Traditions: Side Dishes
Guest: Jenny Mahoney
Jenny Mahoney drops by the program again to chat about the best part of every holiday meal: the sides.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Easiest Waffles
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Episode 2611/8/16Fall Cheese Winners
Guest: Joe Moore
In addition to featuring the 2016 World Champion Cheese (made by our neighbors in Wisconsin), Joe Moore and his crew of Cheese Specialists are recommending some terrific new fall cheeses.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Sesame Pork Chops
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Episode 2511/7/16Chili Chat-Off
Guest: Jeremy Lee
The Lee Brothers are back to share (at least some of) their chili secrets as we attempt to decide once and for all whose is best.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Make-Your-Own Chili Bar
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Episode 2411/1/16Italian Hard Cheeses
Guest: Joe Moore
What distinguishes the flavor of Parmesan, Grana Padano, Romano and other Italian cheeses? Cheese Specialist Joe Moore is here to explain what differentiates protected cheeses and helps us understand how to use them.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Italian Dunkers
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Episode 2310/31/16A Kid in a Candy Store
Guest: Arthur Perron
Rachael's son reviews new candy choices for our Halloween show.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Rachael's Rollups
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Episode 2210/25/16Pizza Party!
Guests: Russ Tourville and Jenny Mahoney
Does Russ or Jenny have the recipe for the best homemade 'za? We explore.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza
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Episode 2110/24/16Eating For a Good Night's Sleep
Guest: Sue Moores
Sue Moores puts us to sleep with useful info on how diet impacts one's ability to get that all-important beauty rest.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Whole Grain Southwestern Vegan Bowl
Listen to "Eating For a Good Night's Sleep" on Spreaker.
Episode 2010/18/16Fish Tales
Guest: Russ Tourville
Bakery Director Russ Tourville shares his expertise in something other than bread and pastry.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Grilled Rainbow Trout
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Episode 1910/17/16Belize Ultra Shrimp
Guest: Troy Schmeling
Troy Schmeling shares the distinguishing characteristics of this shrimp-lovers' shrimp and explains how to prepare it.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Shrimp Scampi
Listen to "Belize Ultra Shrimp" on Spreaker.
Episode 1810/11/16Amazing Apples
Guest: Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee tells us which Minnesota Grown varieties to look for now and tells us how to use them.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Chicken Apple Quinoa Salad
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Episode 1710/10/16Rotisserie Chicken
Guest: Jenny Mahoney
Jenny Mahoney shares her take on the biggest, baddest bird in town – rotisserie or otherwise.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Rotisserie Chicken and Blueberry Melon Salad
Listen to "Rotisserie Chicken" on Spreaker.
Episode 1610/4/16Produce Partners
Guest: Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee is back with picks from around the store that complement his perfect produce.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Vegetarian Omelets
Listen to "Produce Partners" on Spreaker.
Episode 1510/3/16What Do You Want for Dinner?
Guest: Arthur Perron
Arthur Perron recounts some of the crazy ideas Rachael's received when she's called home and asked this question.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Kowalski's Grilled Chicken and Bean Burritos
Listen to "What Do You Want for Dinner?" on Spreaker.
Episode 149/27/16Meat Matters
Guests: Sue Moores and Troy Schmeling
Sue Moores and Troy Schmeling help us understand how red meat fits into a healthy diet.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Ginger-Soy Marinated Flank Steak
Listen to "Meat Matters" on Spreaker.
Episode 139/26/16Snacksational
Guest: Sue Moores
Sue Moores helps us understand how and why to pick a healthy snack.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Argentinian Salmon
Listen to "Snacksational" on Spreaker.
Episode 129/20/16Kids Grow to Love Veggies
Guest: Jeremy Lee
Produce Director Jeremy Lee and his brother, Produce Manager (and Dinner Tonight producer) Adam Lee, swap veggie tales.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Grilled Portobella Burgers
Listen to "Kids Grow to Love Veggies" on Spreaker.
Episode 119/19/16It's Minnesota Grown Season!
Guest: Jeremy Lee and Jerry Untiedt
Jerry Untiedt of Untiedt's Vegetable Farm and Produce Director Jeremy Lee join the program to discuss homegrown goodies and the Kowalski's CSA program.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Minnesota Grown Meal
Listen to "It's Minnesota Grown Season!" on Spreaker.
Episode 109/13/16Following Pastry Trends
Guest: Russ Tourville
Bakery Director Russ Tourville joins the program to explain the sweet business of watching pastry trends.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Steakhouse Mushroom Swissburgers
Listen to "Following Pastry Trends" on Spreaker.
Episode 99/12/16Defining Healthy Prepared Foods
Guest: Sue Moores
Nutritionist Sue Moores helps navigate the world of healthy fresh-prepared meals.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Grab & Go Meals
Listen to "Defining Healthy Prepared Foods" on Spreaker.
Episode 89/6/16Time to Rosé!
Guest: Brian Mallie
Wine Director Brian Mallie educates about the growing popularity of seasonal fave rosé wine.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Grilled Lamb with Chimichurri
Listen to "Time to Rosé!" on Spreaker.
Episode 79/5/16Burger and Beer Pairings
Guest: Brian Mallie
Wine Director Brian Mallie comes by to offer suggestions for burger-friendly beverages.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Sushi-Style Beef Burgers
Listen to "Burger and Beer Pairings" on Spreaker.
Episode 68/30/16Kowalski's and Roots for the Home Team
Guest: Sue Moores
Nutritionist Sue Moores roots for kids from the Twin Cities' Urban gardens.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Dandy Dinner
Listen to "Kowalski's and Roots for the Home Team" on Spreaker.
Episode 58/29/16Summer Salad Season
Guest: Jenny Mahoney
Deli Director Jenny Mahoney stops by to chat about the best salads to enjoy right now.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Beef and Blue Salad
Listen to "Summer Salad Season" on Spreaker.
Episode 48/23/16Healthy People Eat Dessert
Guest: Sue Moores
Nutritionist Sue Moores digs dessert, and so should you!
Dinner Tonight Menu: Asian Tuna Kabobs
Listen to "Healthy People Eat Dessert" on Spreaker.
Episode 38/22/16Nutritious and Berry Delicious
Guest: Sue Moores
Nutritionist Sue Moores explains why berries are so good for you.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Whole Grain Earthy Vegetarian Bowl
Listen to "Nutritious and Berry Delicious" on Spreaker.
Episode 28/16/16Mozzarella Madness
Guest: Joe Moore
Specialty Cheese Director Joe Moore discusses the popularity of mozzarella and other summer cheeses.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Caprese Burgers
Listen to "Mozzarella Madness" on Spreaker.
Episode 18/15/16Hot Now: Bison
Guest: Troy Schmeling
Meat & Seafood Director Troy Schmeling explains the current fascination meat lovers have with bison.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Chimi Bison Burgers
Listen to "Hot Now: Bison" on Spreaker.

Upcoming Episodes

Season 1, Episode 471/23/17The Best Diet of 2017
Guest: Sue Moores
With so many to choose from, how do you pick the diet that's right for you? Friend of the show Sue Moores stops by to offer some healthful and helpful advice.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Hummus Fritters
Season 1, Episode 481/24/17Kowalski's Culinary Crew
Guests: Amy Eliott and Maja-Lina Lundell
Amy Elliot and Maja-Lina Lundell join the program for the first time to talk about their work with Rachael on the Kowalski's Culinary Crew and to discuss their food resolutions for 2017.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Meatloaf Hash
Season 1, Episode 491/30/17Super Game Time Snacks
Guest: Troy Schmeling
Whether your team wins or loses this weekend, you'll score big with snacks and foods that make everyone cheer. Get in on the super football fun with these party-perfect picks.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Mediterranean Nachos
Season 1, Episode 501/31/17Foods to Celebrate WithFrom birthdays and anniversaries to holidays, food is often the focus of many of life's celebrations. In this episode Rachael and Adam discuss the foods we love to celebrate with on all manner of occasions.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Meatloaf Sandwiches
Season 1, Episode 512/6/17Souper Popular
Guest: Jenny Mahoney
Soup is a staple of the Upper Midwestern diet this time of year, and there's a soup for every soup lover. Kowalski's Deli Director and friend of the show Jenny Mahoney is back to talk about her favorite soups and soup recipes of the season.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
Season 1, Episode 522/7/17Detox All Year Round
Guest: Sue Moores
Juice fasts and cleanses are pretty popular post-holidays. Sue Moores returns to the program with some great advice on maximizing your body's built-in detox system all year round.
Dinner Tonight Menu: Open-Faced Chili Cheeseburgers

About the Hosts

Dinner Tonight Podcast Host Rachael Perron

Rachael Perron is the host of Kowalski's Dinner Tonight. Her prior experience in the recording "biz" includes voicemail greetings, answering machine work and a few unpublished mix tapes she self-produced in the late '80s using a SHARP QT-50 cassette player.

When she's not recording, Rachael serves as the Culinary Director at Kowalski's Markets, specializing in product development and selection. She directs research and production chefs in both hot foods and ready-to-eat prepared foods and organizes culinary education and related communications. She participates actively in marketing, merchandising, media strategies and branding initiatives for the company and serves as Art and Content Director for Kowalski's in-house publication, At Home with Kowalski's.

Rachael spends the rest of her off hours making dinner (and breakfast, lunch and lots of snacks) for two hungry teens and her husband, Jerry. The Perrons call White Bear Lake home.

Dinner Tonight Podcast Producer Adam Lee

Dinner Tonight Producer Adam Lee started his broadcast career at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. In the past 12 years he's worked at three different radio stations, most notably a four-year stint at 92 KQRS. He has also worked on several podcasts as both producer and host.

Adam's great passion for broadcasting is matched by his love of food. He serves as Assistant Manager at Kowalski's Shoreview Market, and he is proud to sell the best quality groceries in the Twin Cities.

Adam spends his free time with his lovely wife, Erin, messing around with friends and family, traveling, fishing and trying to stay out of trouble. He and Erin live in Hugo.