Dairy Department

Kowalski's Certified USDA Organic Eggs come to us from Larry Schultz Organic Farm in Owatonna, Minnesota. Schultz chickens are free to eat and exercise anywhere within an airy, sunlit barn or to roam comfortably outdoors in grassy fence-free fields that are carefully monitored and protected from predators. This stress-free environment allows hens to develop into healthy, happy birds that make delicious, nutritious eggs high in omega-3 fatty acids (from the addition of flaxmeal to their organic feed).

The small organic family farm is a way of life for Larry. The fourth-generation Schultz farm has never been farmed conventionally with herbicides, insecticides or artificial fertilizers. Not willing to compromise the small farm and its many benefits, Larry helps model and teach his farming practices to other small organic farmers. As demand for organic eggs continues to increase and his farm has grown, Larry's neighbors and friends have begun to raise organic crops to feed the birds.

Look for our Grade A large dozens and Grade A extra-large dozens in the Dairy Department.

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All natural, locally made and so delicious you'll want to shake it on everything from pasta and pizza to eggs, burgers, vegetables, meatballs, potatoes, rice and so much more. Find it in the Dairy and Grocery Departments.

Kowalski's Signature Queso Blanco Cheese Dip

This creamy, rich cheese dip is smooth and has just the right kick from poblano and jalapeño peppers, plus roma tomatoes, onions and just a hint of cilantro. For chips it's a no-brainer, but it's also a versatile meal-maker in and of itself. It makes an easy spicy mac and cheese any night of the week! Use it to make nachos, dip potato wedges, top burgers, whip up a fast spinach and artichoke dip, or drizzle over enchiladas or tacos.

Find Kowalski's Signature Queso Blanco Dip with Kowalski's Signature Sauces in the Deli or Dairy Department.