Grocery Department

Kowalski's Signature Balsamic Vinegar

Our favorite sweet-tart condiment is imported from Italy, where the best balsamic in the world is made. It's a major kitchen multitasker that's good for salads, sauces and glazing everything from meats and veggies to sandwiches and appetizers. It's even great for desserts! Click here for more ideas on adding a splash of balsamic flavor to your dishes. Find it in the Grocery Department.

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There is nothing better than a plate of fresh pasta tossed in a really great quality pesto, and our is made with 100% extra-virgin olive oil. When you crave this classic Italian dish, look to our Signature Pesto for a dinner that you can bring to the table in minutes. You'll want to keep a jar on hand for a quick dinner anytime, along with a package of our Signature Fresh Handmade Pasta.

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After many taste tests and much searching, we are pleased to bring you the most flavorful, high-quality barbeque sauces we can offer. Both our Original and Smokey Sweet varieties have the rich, sweet tang of Kansas City style sauces. Use them for all your barbecuing needs, but you won't want to limit them to the grill – try it in chili or with slow-cooked ribs!

Selection and availability may vary by market.

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All natural with no additives or artificial preservatives, our new Kowalski's Caramel Corn is locally made with real butter. It's a great addition to the popular Kowalski's popcorn line! Find it in the Grocery Department.

Kowalski's Signature Chocolate Bars

Made with premium Belgian chocolate, these smooth, rich chocolate bars are decadent and contain unique flavors from roasted almonds, cocoa nibs, ground roasted coffee beans, sea salt, natural vanilla, sweet toffee and salty pretzels. Aromatic with a distinctive snap, the 64% and 72% dark chocolate bars are truly delightful, while our milk chocolate bar is particularly creamy and pleasantly sweet. Look for five flavors in the Grocery Department: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Triple Espresso, Almond Sea Salt, Sea Salt and Toffee Pretzel Sea Salt.

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Quality spices make a big difference, so do yourself a flavor favor and cook with the best spices available – Kowalski's Signature Spices. Our dry spice line imparts a full-bodied flavor to everything you make. We also offer a selection of organic spices, highlighted with a gold label.

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Kowalski's Signature Olive Oil

This exceptional oil hails from the land where olives are everything: Greece. Whether you drizzle, dip or simply delight in it, we know you'll love its rich, fruity taste as much as we do. Find it in the Grocery Department.

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Our Signature U.S. Grade A honey is Minnesota grown and produced by a small family of beekeepers in Little Falls, Minnesota. Bruce Marquette, a third-generation beekeeper, bottles single-source honey, the best quality you can buy. It is produced from mid-June through mid-August, when their bees get nectar from basswood and clover; this is the time of year when we get the best quality nectar in Minnesota, creating a light yellow, delicious, high-value honey. Enjoy pure or raw honey in 22 oz. jars, or avoid the mess with our pure honey in a squeezable 16 oz. bottle.

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Jammed with fruit and with a more spreadable texture than most jams and jellies, our Signature Jams are ideal for biscuits, toast and, of course, PB&J. Find Strawberry Jam, Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam, Red Raspberry Jam, Seedless Black Raspberry Jam and Grape Jelly in the Grocery Department.

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Kowalski's Kalbi Sauces

Our popular marinade that we use in several items in the Meat and Deli Departments is now available for you to use at home. This versatile soy sauce-based marinade is fashioned after original Korean recipes. It is slightly sweet with hints of ginger and red pepper and is accented with toasted sesame seeds. It can be used to bring an exotic flavor to chicken, fish, pork or any red meat and can add loads of flavor to your stir fry creations. Keep a jar on hand and start getting creative! Available in the Meat Department and Grocery aisle.

Varieties Offered

  • Original Kalbi
  • Sticky Sweet Kalbi
  • Kickin' Kalbi
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