Grocery Department

You love our Kowalski's Pizza Sauce; now try our All Natural Pizza Seasoning. Made with oregano, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, parsley, savory, crushed red pepper and other spices, it's ideally suited for use on pizza, popcorn, burgers and chicken – get creative! Find it in the Spice Aisle and near Kowalski's Pizza Sauce.

This best-selling snack is a customer favorite. This premium, local popcorn arrives in our markets the day after it is packaged. When you open the bag, it won't last long!

Try Original Salted, Cheddar, White Cheddar and Jalapeño Cheddar (available in the Grocery Department) or our new individual bags of Cheddar and White Cheddar (available in the Deli and Grocery Departments) that are just the right size for snacking, lunch boxes, or enjoying with a deli sandwich or (poured into) a cup of tomato soup.

You'll love our finely milled theater-style salt. It's great for making movie theater-quality popcorn at home. Try it with our Kowalski's Organic Unpopped Popcorn. Find it in the Grocery Department near the popcorn.

From tangy Citrus Vinaigrette to classic Caesar, Kowalski's Salad Dressings provide unique flavor combinations that will dress any salad you care to create. We think you'll agree that these are remarkable and invite you to try every incredible flavor. And perfect for end of summer barbecues and fall tailgating is our Signature Coleslaw Dressing. Not too sweet yet not too tangy, this creamy dressing can turn a bag of shredded cabbage into a quick salad. Find the whole line in our Grocery Department.

*Featured in a Kowalski's original recipe  View Recipes

When you have to add salt and pepper, you'll want to make sure both are the best quality. These basic tabletop items aren't boring at Kowalski's. Our beautiful adjustable and refillable grinders come loaded with the finest Malabar peppercorns and Pacific sea salt and are packaged with no preservatives or irradiation.

The combination of sweet and salty is epitomized in our eight-count package that combines milk and dark chocolate-coated caramels with a dusting of sea salt. Made for us by a local chocolatier.

Kowalski's Single Serve Coffee Cups

Our brilliant new eco-friendly single-serve filters put more flavor in every cup. They're filled with the same great locally roasted coffee we've become so well known for – Fair Trade and organic, of course. The recyclable cups work in all standard single-serve coffee makers. Look for six varieties: French Roast, Colombian, Breakfast Blend, Sumatran, Rainforest and Decaf French Roast.

We are pleased to bring you Simply Natural Canadian Spring Water® from Manitoba, Canada. This spring is protected by hundreds of acres of natural Canadian forest and is the winner of the Berkeley Springs International Gold Medal Award for the Best Tasting Spring Water in the World. It also offers the perfect balance of minerals and a pH of 7.4, an ideal choice for optimum health benefits. Taste our water and we know you'll agree the flavor, clarity and purity make it truly superior.

Our perfectly blended recipe of herbs and spices makes for an authentic taco night done right. Try it on fajitas, in salad dressings, or on baked potatoes and popcorn, too. It goes great with some of our Signature Mexican products, like our Mexican Sauces, Flour Tortillas and Salsa.

*Featured in a Kowalski's original recipe  View Recipes

Lake or River Hand-Harvested Wild Rice and Long Grain Cultivated Wild Rice are both perfect for all of your favorite stuffings, soups and hot dishes! Our new package is prettier than ever, but even better, the rice now comes in a great stand-up, resealable bag. Find it in the Grocery Department.