Meat Department

Smoked and uncured beef and venison sticks are available in several flavors. There's one for everyone!

Varieties Offered

  • Smoked & Uncured Mild Beef Sticks
  • Smoked & Uncured Spicy Beef Sticks
  • Smoked & Uncured Jalapeño Beef Sticks
  • Smoked & Uncured Jalapeño & Pepper Jack Beef Sticks
  • Smoked & Uncured Cheddar Beef Sticks
  • Smoked & Uncured Cheddar & Jalapeño Beef Sticks
  • Smoked & Uncured Maple Beef Sticks
  • Smoked & Uncured Mild Venison Sticks with Beef
  • Smoked & Uncured Spicy Venison Sticks with Pepper Jack & Beef
  • 100% Grass Fed Uncured Mild Beef Sticks
  • 100% Grass Fed Uncured Cheddar & Jalapeño Beef Sticks
  • 100% Grass Fed Uncured Mandarin Teriyaki Beef Stick

Made locally with our own recipe, our brats are the best in town. Of course you'll find traditional bratwurst, but you'll also find unique flavors you can't find anywhere else, such as Wild Rice & Asiago.

Varieties Offered

Smoked & Uncured:

  • Original Bratwurst
  • Cheddar Bratwurst
  • Wild Rice & Asiago Bratwurst
  • Jalapeño & Pepper Jack Bratwurst
  • Wieners in Natural Casing
  • Italian & Mozzarella Sausage
  • Chorizo Sausage
  • Andouille Sausage
  • Cracked Pepper Polish Sausage
  • Kielbasa

100% Grass Fed:

  • Smoked and Uncured 100% Grass-Fed Beef Wieners in Natural Casing
  • Uncured 100% Grass-Fed Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Beef Bratwurst

Fresh Bratwurst:

  • Premium Artisan Style Bratwurst
  • Premium Artisan Style Maibock Beer Bratwurst
  • Premium Artisan Style Wild Rice & Asiago Bratwurst
  • Premium Artisan Style Uncured Bacon Bleu Cheese Bratwurst
  • Premium Artisan Style Turkey Bratwurst

Kowalski's Fresh Ground Turkey is locally raised by the Peterson family on the Ferndale Market Turkey Farm in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. These all natural birds are allowed to roam free range and are never given growth stimulants or antibiotics – ever.

Our 94% Lean Ground Turkey, 94% Lean Ground Turkey Patties, and 99% Lean Ground Turkey Breast are ground fresh at Big Steer Meats right here in Saint Paul.

All natural and delicious, we offer both traditional pork and fresh turkey sausage. All animals are raised on traditional family farms, fed an all-vegetarian diet and are never treated with added growth stimulants or antibiotics – ever.

Varieties Offered


  • Mild Italian Sausage
  • Mild Italian Sausage Links
  • Hot Italian Sausage
  • Hot Italian Sausage Links
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Breakfast Sausage Links
  • Apple Gouda Sausage Links
  • Andouille Sausage Links
  • Chorizo Sausage


  • Mild Italian Turkey Sausage
  • Mild Italian Turkey Sausage Links
  • Turkey Breakfast Links

Our Signature jerky varieties are all produced locally in St. Paul. They're naturally hardwood smoked in small batches to ensure quality.

Varieties Offered

  • Hickory Jerky
  • Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky
  • Colorado Beef Jerky
  • Smoked Chicken Strips
  • Smoked Turkey Jerky
Signature Kalbi Rub

A dry, sprinkle-friendly interpretation of our Original Kalbi Marinade, this spice blend has all the same authentic flavor notes in a formula that's ideal when you want Kalbi seasoning sans sauce.

Kowalski's Kalbi Sauces

Our popular marinade that we use in several items in the Meat and Deli Departments is now available for you to use at home. This versatile soy sauce-based marinade is fashioned after original Korean recipes. It is slightly sweet with hints of ginger and red pepper and is accented with toasted sesame seeds. It can be used to bring an exotic flavor to chicken, fish, pork or any red meat and can add loads of flavor to your stir fry creations. Keep a jar on hand and start getting creative! Available in the Meat Department and Grocery aisle.

Varieties Offered

  • Original Kalbi
  • Sticky Sweet Kalbi
  • Kickin' Kalbi
*Featured in a Kowalski's original recipe  View Recipes

Kowalski's Shoreview Market is home to our in-store smokehouse and state-of-the-art meat processing facility. Equip with a gas-heated Southern Pride Rotisserie Wood Smoker, we're able to crank out more than 1,500 lbs. of smoked product each week. After being carefully tended for up to 14 hours, smokehouse delectables are shipped several times a week to every one of Kowalski's Twin Cities Markets.

All of Kowalski's smokehouse selections are smoked with hickory logs using traditional Kansas City style methods and flavors. We never use artificial preservatives like sodium nitrates or nitrites, and all meats are raised with no antibiotics or added growth stimulants, ever.

Varieties Offered

  • Pulled BBQ Pork
  • Pulled BBQ Chicken
  • Pulled BBQ Beef
  • Smoked BBQ Back Ribs
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Kowalski's North Woods Grill Seasoning Grinders

Fans of our very popular North Woods Grill Seasoning have a new way to get their flavor on! Taking inspiration from our also-popular salt and pepper grinders, we've put our Signature blend of seasonings and spices in an adjustable, twistable jar. Find North Woods Grinders and traditional North Woods Grill Seasoning (for the rubbers and sprinklers out there) in the Meat Department and in the Spice Aisle.

These blends are produced locally and include great flavors for pork, chicken, beef and seafood. Our most popular blend is North Woods Grill that adds zest to anything.

Varieties Offered

  • North Woods Grill Seasoning
  • Award-Winning Rotisserie Seasoning
  • Prime Rib Rub
  • Chile Lime Seasoning
*Featured in a Kowalski's original recipe  View Recipes