People Say The Nicest Things

I really enjoy the shopping experience at your Eagan Market. The food quality is by far the best in our area; and your people are extremely helpful. When I have questions as to which fish would be best to grill, they not only recommend the type of fish, but related seasonings and side dishes. The recipes card selections at the entrance help me "complete" my shopping list. Thank you for your wonderful service.
Terry F.
Thank you for the great organic selection you provide. It's made you my favorite place to shop! I've NEVER had an issue with organic lettuce purchased at any Kowalski's being full of sand or grit and needing to be thoroughly re-cleaned, and consistently have had this problem with other grocers. I always wish I'd gone to Kowalski's instead!!
Cynthia D.
We have tried fresh fish, King Crab, etc. from several other grocers. Their prices are lower, but the taste is not anywhere as great as we get from you. Same for other meats you sell. We really appreciate the care and attention you pay to bring great foods to market.
James H.
The ambiance and experience at Kowalski's is unparalleled in the have really provided a niche market that takes the drudgery out of grocery shopping. Thank you for your dedication to quality!
I received some awesome customer service today at your St. Paul Grand Ave location! Kathy went above and WAY beyond the call of duty to help me. Thank you Kathy and thank you to Kowalski's for empowering employees to provide great service to customers. Thank you again for a great experience!
Katherine N.
A big thank you goes to Kowalski's for carrying the special products that some customers need and want. Many of my family follow the gluten-free lifestyle due to celiac disease and gluten intolerance; and it is very much appreciated that the store carries many of the products we need. Kowalski's continues to carry quality products and that certainly shows in the gluten-free products as well. Also, I find integrating the gluten-free products helpful and time-saving. Thanks for caring!
I just wanted to say how useful the nutrition brochures are that are available at your stores. I recently found out I needed to pay more attention to feeding my bones, and the brochure about bone strength was very helpful and well written. Thank you for making this type of info available right where shopping happens!
Lisa S.
I ordered a gift card for my sister and am so impressed - no added charges, no postage charges and best of all it came to me to stick in her birthday card with the most beautiful handwriting on the envelope and inside a handwritten thank you! Who does that but a store like Kowalski's! When I travel up to Eden Prairie to visit I always have to stop in....a wonderful place! You have exceeded my expectations again!
Margaret H.
I love your store in Woodbury and the staff is outstanding. The store is always in perfect order and the selection of products is superb. I have enjoyed trying your private label merchandise and have become very pleased with all I have tried. The offers you send out monthly to try a new item are the best I have tasted! Keep up the good job!
A new and loyal customer, Norman T.
I couldn't go home for the weekend without telling you about my new Kowalski's obsession. The sushi vegetable roll with brown rice is so good that I've had it twice this week. I made the mistake of bringing some to the office yesterday and sharing it with a couple of folks...who are now hooked on it. We made a run to the Grand Avenue store today to get a couple of trays for afternoon treats. YUM. Thanks for all the delicious things that you tuck away into those stores of yours!
Carol A.