People Say The Nicest Things

I just wanted to compliment the Woodbury store on their great service yesterday! I ran in for "just a bag of potatoes," found a great recipe in the foyer and then had to go on a search for a complimentary meat. Having entered the store in a pretty bad mood, I had no intention of striking up a conversation and just wanted to get back home. However, when I entered the Meat Department, I was greeted by Darryl. He was so friendly, genuine and helpful. I quickly found myself in a good mood after having such a positive interaction. In fact, I decided to keep walking around the store and ended up with a basket full of delicious food. I was greeted quickly by the cashier, and it was nice that the older gentleman bagging my groceries insisted on carrying my groceries. The trip to your Woodbury store last night was extremely positive and I'm reminded of why I shop there.
Shannon Z.
My family and I recently visited two of your stores, one in Eden Prairie and the other in Eagan. We haven't shopped at your grocery before. Honestly, we just stopped at the Eden Prairie store to get out of the heat during a soccer tournament. :-) We were so impressed with the selection of products, in particular the wide variety of salad dressings! My Mom has a limited diet due to diabetes and kidney disease and has a tough time finding new food items to add flavor to her often bland choices. She walked out of there with a variety of 6 bottles and a smile. I also stopped into the Eagan store after work one day looking for dinner ideas. The service at your deli was stellar and the wings and potatoes I took home were a hit! So, thank you for the alternative to "big box" shopping, for stocking a wide variety of healthy foods and some pretty awesome employees! I will definitely be stopping in again and again.
Amy F.
Cub and Costco are so big and have nothing I want. Your stores are small and have everything I want.
A White Bear Lake Customer
Hi Kowalski's! Today was my first day venturing into your Eden Prairie location, and I was absolutely amazed. Thank you so much for an excellent shopping experience. Your staff was extremely courteous and our experience was great!
Justin W.
I recently held a special thank-you party for all my friends and associates who supported me during my two years of Nursing School. I wanted to enjoy the day, so I purchased Kowalski's deli trays and had everything delivered just a couple of hours before my guests started to arrive. Everything was perfect!! I couldn’t have asked for anything more lovely to set out on my special day. I know everyone enjoyed the food because 35 people attended and there was hardly anything left over even though I purchased enough for 50! I received many compliments on the taste and appearance of everything, and I was happy to say that Kowalski's created it all. The Sushi and Endive trays were particular hits, but there was very little of anything left over! Anyway, the purpose of my note, in addition to complimenting Kowalski's on the service and quality food, is to express my gratitude to everyone at the Oak Park Heights store who helped to make this very special event so wonderful and successful. Whenever I shop at the store, I am always greeted warmly and receive great customer service in every department. I must admit, that although I am a frequent shopper, it is always nice to be remembered. It is a tribute to store and the culture of service that Kowalski's promotes. The management team must go out of their way to find, retain, and support their employees to make it all happen.
Joanne A.
I am a local shopper and supporter of Kowalski's. I choose to shop at your stores because I appreciate the service and top notch products. I want to thank you for the outstanding service that I frequently receive in the Meat Dept. There is a young man who works nights in your Meat Dept. When I see him there I know I can ask questions and he gives great advice. He has yet to do me wrong! His suggestions are always the best!!! I always stop and buy something if he is working. As a single woman, I choose to pay a little extra to get a little extra and I frequently find this at your store. Thank you to him and to the work you all do at Kowalski's!
Maureen D.
My local Kowalskis, which is a mere three blocks from me, is awesome. It's a tad small, but it gets the job done, and I always find interesting and tasty-sounding things there. Pretty much all of the grocery stores here in the TC are awesome, but Kowalski's has really won me over as my neighborhood grocer.
A Hennepin Market Customer
I had the privilege of attending a Kowalski's new employee orientation as an Opportunity Partners Job Coach for a new stakeholder hired for your Uptown Store. I was much impressed by Tina, your HR Staff and Trainer, as she welcomed, oriented and presented the Kowalski's philosophy and story. It's exciting to see the corporate attitudes extend to every area of the organization, from the initial interview with Kyle all the way through. Opportunity Partners is grateful for your willingness to see "beyond Kate's barriers" to allow another person with some challenges to employment become gainfully employed. Thanks for your vision and commitment to the community!
Rick G.
Oh my! Who ever expected to have a drip-proof honey container? Last month I received the Kowalski's brand honey on your monthly promotion. And what a pleasant surprise to use it today and find that there was no mess. Leave it to Kowalski's to find the perfect producer and take care of these minor things that really do make a difference. Thank you. Thank you. Whenever I am in the Cities (which is often) I try to make Kowalski's part of the journey. Thanks for being there and providing such great service and quality products. You are the best!
Curt G.
St. Louis isn't too far away from your HQ...really! But, seriously, I love your store. Fabulous selection of packaged and prepared foods, beautiful produce and amazing service. My family in Woodbury now joke that I don't really come up to MN to visit them, I come for a Kowalski's fix! Our local markets, Schnucks and Dierbergs, are very good, but sadly neither comes close to matching your wide selection of just about everything. See you in June when I drop my son off for camp.
Your #1 fan in MO, Carla F.