People Say The Nicest Things

Bless your wonderful cheese expert, Dexa, at the White Bear Lake store. She always leads us to wonderful finds. She has a little basket of small pieces so those of us on a family budget can try the really good stuff. On Tuesday, she sent me away with a sample of a special treat. Our dear dog had died the day before and, without knowing it, she brightened my day when I really needed it. Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you for increasing the vegan options such as vegan "cheese," seitan, tofurky and Amy's products among others. I am a vegan and am so happy I can shop more at Kowlaski's!
Nancy M.
Just want to let you know what a great team you have at the Parkview store. They are always super friendly, go out of the way to find something if it isn't out on the floor as well as listen to a suggestion. For example, I suggested rather than the quinoa tabouli from Holy Land that wasn't moving, get the traditional. Bam...two days later there it was. Anyway, I've lived in this neighborhood for over 35 years and have shopped at every brand grocery that was there, and you are light years ahead of all of them. I could go on, but suffice to say, we love having you in our neighborhood!
Lorraine T.
I want to share the excellent service Steve at the White Bear Lake store gave me. I was looking for a product that you normally carry. It happened to be out at this particular store. I needed it by Friday morning. He tried to order it from the vendor, however the delivery was delayed one day. He had someone pick the product up at another store, deliver it to the store close to me and kept it in the office for me to pick up. He also kept me informed by phone so I knew what was going on and that he hadn't forgotten about me. I just want to give him the credit he deserves for some fantastic service.
Jackie C.
I wanted to thank you and compliment you on the great customer service that your store and staff provide. Over the years we had been diehard Byerly's customers. We tried your store in Lakeville, but were not impressed with the staff and service. It has been a totally different experience at the Eagan store. All the staff has been very friendly and helpful. One of the things we really appreciate is that we have requested to have you stock certain items and you have provided us with everything that we have requested. We thank you very much. It appears that each time we go to your store it gets busier and busier. We are really happy to see this and hope that your business continues to be successful and that we can be long term customers.
Richard and Judith
Dear Kowalski Family, My 100-year-old mother and I were shopping at your Eden Prairie store. We had a pleasant conversation with an employee in the Produce Department who, when I mentioned that my Mom was 100, was amazed. (She could easily pass for 80.) He said he had never spoken with anyone who was 100! Shortly afterwards, as we continued shopping, Mom was delightfully surprised to be presented with a $20 Kowalski gift certificate. She was thrilled. We are so grateful for this extremely thoughtful gesture. It is, though, indicative of the exemplary courtesy of your employees - courtesy which reflects your family, your outstanding stores, your philosophy and management. I frequently shop at your Lyndale store, and Mom and I shop together at your Eden Prairie store. Mom still lives in her own condo and loves to grocery shop - especially in your beautiful stores. Since for 20 years she had a lovely gift shop in Hastings she is a great admirer of how artistically your store are presented. The Twin Cities are very fortunate to have the Kowalski's! Our most sincere thanks for the gift certificate.
I just wanted to let you know that the last few times I've been in Woodbury Kowalski's has been an absolutely wonderful customer service experience. Cashiers are waiting for customers and greeting us when not busy; they are pleasant in ringing up our orders and caring about what we purchase; staff greet customers and seem happy we are there; the baggers and carryout helpers are so thoughtful about meeting our needs - I thought as I left the store this last time that visiting the store left me feeling like shopping was a pleasant experience, providing a few moments of comfort during these tumultuous times. Good for you for helping to create those moments for us.
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful stores. I live in New York City, but when I land in MPLS my first and last stop is always Kowalski's on Lyndale Avenue!! My family always knows where to find me! Your staff all knows me now and acknowledges me like a friend...they are great too! My favorite store! I'll be there again soon! Other people say OHH MPLS?? Go to the Mall of America!! I say Go to Kowalski's!!!! Thanks for being there for me!
Jane, NYC
I placed a relatively large order for appetizers at the Lyndale store for a party that I had last week. Every appetizer was beyond my expectations: beautiful, fresh and delicious. I called the store directly to let them know how happy I was with the products. The Lyndale store rocks, no question.
I have (re)discovered what a customer-friendly place Kowalski's is. Yes, they unload it, pack it, tote it out to the car and load it into the trunk. Yes, more expensive. But wonderful produce, meat, bakery and best ever cheeses. Kudos, Kowalski's.