People Say The Nicest Things

Every year, Pepito's Restaurant at 48th and Chicago So. offers free Thanksgiving dinners and deliveries to those less fortunate. Kowalski's was asked to donate shopping bags for the deliveries and without hesitation, we were given 50 bags. 60 deliveries of the estimated 2000 free dinners were made easier because of your kindness. This is the second year Kowalski's has come through. Along with quality food and superb employees, you are great of heart!
Thank you again, William G.
I wanted to send a giant thanks to your Eden Prairie location. I was shopping in the Produce Department when my 4 year old son suddenly vomited right there in the aisle. I quickly moved him into the corner by an emergency exit and ran to the nearest employee, who happened to be a butcher. I asked him for towels to clean up the situation. I ran back to mypeople son. Seconds later, the butcher was there with towels offering to clean up the mess himself...GROSS. I was so thankful for the towels, but insisted on cleaning it up. I did so and very shortly the janitor was there with more clean towels and escorted me into the back room to have a sink to clean ourselves up. It was a mother's worst nightmare, and thank God I was in Kowalski's. Your staff was so kind and attentive. They even said "we have all been there," which made me feel much better. Thank you so much for your welcoming, kind and very attentive staff!!
Jaime and my puking son Charlie
The staff at the EP store are the best of the best. I had car trouble earlier this summer - hot day, over $200 of groceries including very expensive meat in my car, and the battery died. I went back into the store, spoke to the manager (can't remember her name - long, long hair and ALWAYS friendly) - asked if the store had any jumper cables - no was the response and wouldn't have expected any different a response - Kowalski's is a grocery store, not a service station. However, one of the cashiers, Mark, said he had them and said he could help me out - which he did and I was on my way home, groceries intact and one very happy customer. Who knew I could go to my favorite grocery store for all sorts of great food stuffs AND get my car serviced at the same time!!! Now that's going above and beyond… These two people, along with so many others - Kathy & CJ in the deli, Marlene S. and the Cheese Guy, the Meat Guys, the managers - do your store proud. It's important to me to spend money with locally owned businesses, and it's always a joy to spend it at Kowalski's just because of the OUTSTANDING customer service. My thanks to your team at the EP store - they truly make Kowalski's the place to shop. Make sure you keep them happy - happy employees make for happy customers, and I'm proof of that!
Thank you! Everything was truly outstanding, not your normal sandwich tray and sides at all. Thank you for your top quality and your unique offerings with an added air of elegance. The flowers were an extra touch that were perfectly exquisite. The florists choice was truly extra special. Your staff was very friendly, efficient and helpful. Overall, I will be back very soon because you help take the stress out of having a party.
Patricia R.
My dad's 90th birthday celebration was a huge success. Kowalski's floral department (Woodbury) was the centerpiece! Thank you for your attention to detail and your lovely creations. We got so many compliments from our guests. In my opinion, you made us shine. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Clarlynn S.
Thank you, ever so much, for having such a terrific staff at Kowalski's White Bear Lake. The staff of our company lunches at the store nearly every day and we've come to know and love your staff. From those at Starbucks, to the checkout, to the deli – we see these people nearly every day – and they are fantastic. Thank you for having such a fantastic store, supported by such an incredible team.
Melissa M.
I'd like to remark that we all know Dexa [at your White Bear Lake store]. She calls each of us by name. She recommends what we should try next – because she knows what we've purchases and what we love. She makes certain that every tray she does for an event at our office is perfect. She understands her products and her customers – and we love her for that. I'm guessing you already know this, but Dexa is that something special that makes people want to go in to a store. Grocery shopping can become a mundane, tense thing for many of us – but special places – with special staff – help make Kowalski's fun, upbeat and energizing.
Melissa M.
I just want to pay a compliment for my cake order I placed online. It was so delicious and beautifully decorated. Woodbury Kowalski's is the closest, but I do not frequent it much because it is not close for everyday shopping, but I will order cakes in the future there! It is a quality bakery! Thank you so much!!
Christine L.
A huge thanks for the beautiful custom cake for my party yesterday. It was gorgeous and people kept telling me how good it tasted! It really was delicious and so pretty.
Rachael P.