2019 Roots for the Home Team Salads

This article is part of a 7-part feature on Roots for the Home Team, a community nonprofit that supplies us with local, inventive, delicious salad concepts created by Twin Cities youth. Click here to read from the beginning.

This season Kowalski's will be selling Roots for the Home Team "Garden Bowls" (salads) in the Deli Department for the fourth year in a row. You'll find them in the Grab & Go Case. You can find the recipes in-store and on the Roots website at www.rootsforthehometeam.com.

Below is a look (and a link) to each of our nonprofit partner gardens' 2019 recipe lineup:

Appetite for Change (North Minneapolis)

Northside Fresh Salad

Northside Fresh*

Marquan, Arleah, Armand and Aaliyah partnered up with Chef Jametta Raspberry of House of Gristle to make what's sure to be a fan favorite bowl of greatness. The youth were inspired by a recipe at Breaking Bread Café and features several veggies grown in their North Minneapolis gardens. Yams, shaved Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and dried currants kick it off. Their avocado yogurt cumin dressing? Amazing! The crispy Old-Bay-seasoned wonton topper? Irresistible! We're feeling the Fresh.

Click here for the recipe

Hot Power Hitter Salad

Hot Power Hitter

This is no sissy salad. Tyvone, Grace, Leonna and Arieana joined Chef Mecca Bos with House of Gristle to create what they call a "not-so-Minnesota-nice" hot-and-happening salad. Brown rice, peppers, cherry tomatoes, radishes and carrots seem tame. Fold in serrano peppers and an avocado-habanero dressing and the heat is on. Their red-pepper-flaked roasted chickpea topper cranks it up just a tad more. Power up!

Click here for the recipe

Beet It

Beet It

Nacory, Jaylon, Shante and Tekyla joined Chef Coach Bertrand Weber from Minneapolis Public Schools' Culinary and Wellness Services to create an unbeatable bowl of garden goodness. Hearty farro, tender beets, crisp peppers, carrots and escarole make the mix, as do two tasty toppers: goat cheese and dried cranberries. It's "dressed for success" with an orange-beet infused vinaigrette. Can't beat the brilliance from this team of youth!

Click here for the recipe

Urban Roots (St. Paul's East Side)

Bollywood Smash Salad

Bollywood Smash*

Rose, Nue and Chu teamed up with two Twins chefs, Kyle McCleary (chef to the Twins players) and Becki Ramirez (Target Field's Suites chef), to put forward a unique, flavored-filled mix of Indian-inspired cuisine. Curried cauliflower and chickpeas are roasted and folded into a combination of carrots, bok choy, red cabbage, sorghum, mint and golden raisins. It's a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. It's dressed with a curried mango-chutney vinaigrette. They've smashed it outta the ballpark.

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MTV (Mexico to Vietnam)

MTV (Mexico to Vietnam)*

Alfredo, Marquise and Sai got in on this salad along with Chef Ann Ahmed from Lat14 Asian Eatery and Lemongrass Thai. Their goal? To blend cuisines from two cultures the youth know well: Mexico and Vietnam. The team made it work beautifully, leaving you craving more. Brown rice, hominy, jicama, napa cabbage, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and mint get it going. A creamy peanut, fish sauce and chipotle dressing is lip-smackingly good, and the Tajín-seasoned nuts Ann created are good enough to bag ‘em up for sale worldwide.

Click here for the recipe

Spice It Cool Salad

Spice It Cool*

Xeng, Pheng and Sai were kindred souls with Chef Yia Vang from Union Kitchen as they created a Hmong-inspired dish that's an homage to their mothers' home cooking. The rice noodles are considered a "blanket brush," meaning the long strands are the brush that absorbs all sorts of flavors. The noodles are blanketed with homegrown vegetables and a honey, chili garlic, ginger, lime, fish sauce dressing. Altogether you get a sweet, salty, sour, umami homerun. A hearty note of thanks to their moms!!

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Southern Vacation Salad

Southern Vacation

Zarea, Cecilia, Stephanie and Sesay joined forces with personal chef Tre Hardy of Ophelia Modern Kitchen to create this garden bowl. The youth wanted to try some new foods and food combinations while bringing forward a cuisine that hasn't been part of the Roots salad lineup before. Red rice, barley, kohlrabi, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, radishes and celery start your food field trip down South. A smoked paprika vinaigrette makes for a fab hit of flavor. South is good, even when you're living North.

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Pillsbury United Communities (South Minneapolis)

La Fresca Salad

La Fresca

Maireni, Eva, Anessa, Keylin and Mochny worked with Chef Jose Llangari of Pillsbury United to create a dish that represents their Latinx heritage and culture while embracing the beautiful foods they grow at their Waite House garden. Say "hola" to La Fresca ("The Freshness") salad. The quinoa represents Ecuador, and the queso fresco is a nod to Mexico. The youth grow tomatoes, cucumbers and sunflowers seeds for the salad. They pickled their cukes (cool!), adding an extra bite of deliciousness. Topped with a buttermilk-cucumber-dill dressing, it's a fresh, bright, light and summery meal!

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*Select salads are available at Kowalski's in the Deli Department. Selection and availability of products vary by market.