Bread Baskets

Our bakeries strive to offer the highest quality, freshest products possible with knowledgeable, friendly customer service. Always top of mind are our strict standards: to make quality baked goods made with the cleanest ingredients possible, all while providing the best in taste, freshness, variety and price. Our strict shelf life standards ensure that you have maximum time to enjoy your purchased baked goods.

While we bake many of our own products on site, we also partner with local artisan bakers so we can offer the very best selection of baked goods, artisan breads, pastries and other sweet treats. We choose partners based on their ability to produce unique, quality products and strive to build good relationships that ensure sustainability. Our partners include A Gourmet Thyme Too, Bread Loafers Morning Buns, Minneapple Pies, Day Brightener's Cookies, just to name a few.

We also have a Central Bakery that produces, packages and ships to every store daily, resulting in fresh product and limited use of our freezer. (Freezing product is a common practice that our competitors rely upon heavily.) Always top of mind are our strict standards: to make quality baked goods with the cleanest ingredients possible, all while providing the best in taste, freshness, variety and price.

Signature Bakery Bars Stack

Fresh Pastry Case

All the sweet treats you'll find in our pastry case are baked fresh daily on site, including our melt-in-your-mouth Morning Buns, croissants, bagels, jumbo muffins, donuts and more.

Signature Bars Program

Bars are a big part of the Kowalski's bakery story. All of our bars are baked from custom recipes, decorated and cut right at our Central Bakery and shipped daily to each and every one of our locations. Our selection includes: rich Chocolate Brownies, Iced Brownies, Seven-Layer Bars, Fudge Revel Bars, Nut Goodie Bars and Pumpkin Bars.

Fresh Artisan Breads

Chances are you'll smell our fresh baked artisan breads before you see them. Our Artisan Bread Table is brimming with a diverse selection of European breads baked right in our stores, including crispy French baguettes, sweet onion rolls, five kinds of focaccia, flavored biscuits and more. Our variety surpasses any bakery in the market. We also carry a selection of Take & Bake artisan breads, including our popular Garlic Buttered and Salsa di Parma Baguettes.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

Signature Cake Program

Our traditional birthday cakes are made with moist, rich cake and frosted with our Family Favorite Buttercream. This buttercream recipe has been in the Kowalski family for over 30 years and is made from scratch with just five simple ingredients, including real butter (not imitation flavoring).

Our specialty Dessert Cakes are a collaboration between Kowalski's culinary and bakery experts. Each unique recipe is made from scratch using top-quality ingredients. Flavors include our super-moist, super-chocolaty Chocolate Ganache Cake; our perennially popular Carrot Cake packed with walnuts, carrots and a touch of sweet pineapple; our elegant Champagne Cake, a white cake that we have made sweeter and brighter with the addition of real Champagne (also available topped and filled with fresh seasonal fruit); and our decadent Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake, which we have brushed with a lightly simple syrup and frosted with caramel-swirled buttercream (pictured at right). Stunningly decorated, they are great for entertaining or celebrating that special occasion.

Family Favorite Cookies

We've taken all the work out of fresh-from-the-oven cookies! From Chocolate Chunk to Date Corn Flake, these old-fashioned favorites are handmade from family recipes for a comforting, familiar flavor. They are available in a size that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. They're amazingly delicious!

Peach Pie a la Mode

Signature Fruit Pies

Our real fruit pies are made with only the best ingredients, hand-selected from farmers we know and trust – from apple and cherry to peach and boysenberry and everything in between.