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At Home with Kowalski's Magazine - March-April 2021

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All good things come to an end, including winter. Hope springs eternal this month as we begin the steady march into one of the most joyful seasons in Minnesota.

Spring brings us lots of green, outdoors as well as in. From spring peas and asparagus to sweet kiwi, some of the most delicious green produce arrives in this season of anticipation and renewal. Culinary Director Rachael Perron and Nutritionist Sue Moores offer up some ideas for not only peas, asparagus and kiwi, but also broccoli, broccolini, garlic and lamb. And did you notice Rachael's perfectly pink strawberry cake on the cover? We're ready to dig in!

We hope you'll also enjoy the latest installment of two regular features – one on our local markets (this time tuned into Eagan) and the other on one of our local partners (All Clean Foods out of Minnetonka) – on pages 5 and 8. On page 5 we're also taking a look at our long-standing Groceries for Good Causes program, whereby customers determine how we support the communities around their neighborhood markets. Be sure to look for the Groceries for Good Causes display near the front end of your store on your next visit and “vote” with your receipts, too!

Inspired by the Irish holiday of St. Patrick's Day (another green spring occasion), we're exploring some of the best our Wine Shops and Specialty Cheese Department have to offer this spring! Find suggestions for enjoying Irish cheeses and whiskey on pages 6 and 7.

As always, we love sharing the Joy of Good Food!

Many thanks,
Mary Anne Kowalski and Kris Kowalski Christiansen