At Home with Kowalski's Magazine

The November-December issue is now in stores, compliments of Kowalski's!

At Home with Kowalski's Magazine - November-December 2019

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As much as anything, our markets are about people. They're about the people we serve as well as our farmers, producers and other business partners – but they're especially about our employees. Without employees who believe in our civic identity, community, harmony, quality and the joy of good food, we're just a place to buy groceries.

The warmth you feel upon walking into one of our stores is by design. We think shopping is more pleasurable and quite fun when you're surrounded by beautiful furnishings and fixtures, soft light, colors and textures. But it's only as inviting as the people who work here. They make Kowalski's very unique in the retail world.

Culinary Director Rachael Perron has planned a special issue of At Home with Kowalski's featuring the amazing individuals who make Kowalski's truly distinctive, starting with the man who started it all, Jim Kowalski. While we miss him every day, we miss him even more so at holiday time. No one believed more in the power of people than Jim did. Rachael's special remembrance of him is on page 3.

Throughout this issue are ideas and recipes from some of our food-loving stakeholders from every store. Their picks run the gamut from trendy and sophisticated to healthy and homestyle, and reflect both their love of delicious food and their passion for sharing their expertise and experience with you.

You'll also meet some team members in this issue that have decided to make Kowalski's a true family affair. We're blessed to have just one member of these clans in our ranks, but they so valued their opportunities here that they asked a family member or two (or all of them!) to join our crew. For a family-owned business, there is no greater compliment than employees who'll recruit people they love to join our force. We're excited to share some of these families with you starting on page 10.

Elsewhere in this issue, look for loads of gift and gourmet suggestions from our team as well as seasonal wine picks from Wine Director Brian Mallie and health guidance from Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Sue Moores. For even more ideas and tips, talk to your favorite stakeholders in your local Kowalski's – they love Kowalski's, but what they really love is helping you.

As always, we love sharing the Joy of Good Food (and Good People) with you and look forward to seeing you in the stores!