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At Home with Kowalski's Magazine - January-February 2021

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The season of joy never ends at Kowalski’s, but this time of the year is definitely the season of comfort. We could all use some of that! You may find it in an afternoon reading by the fire, a phone call with a friend, a brisk walk through the snow or a favorite meal. Among other good feels, comfort food triggers memories of the special people and special times in our lives, a sense of connectivity we’re all craving these days.

Beyond the comforting dishes we associate with our families, and perhaps our childhoods, food can also connect us to people we don’t know, giving us a small glimpse into other food cultures. Our delis are offering up a wide variety of options for doing just that. Not only do we have some of the best sushi in town, but we’ve also been expanding our selection of global foods with make-your-own noodle and burrito bowls, plus customized made-to-order pasta and stir fry.

Now is also a time to have fun with food. Some of the more classic comfort foods we all love are the subject of the articles featured on pages 10-12. We’re switching up and mashing up pasta, soups, sandwiches and pizza to create new ways to enjoy some kiddie classics. It’s a change to get excited about in the new year!

One thing that gives everyone comfort and joy is chocolate! Culinary Director Rachael Perron and Nutritionist Sue Moores, M.S., R.D., have teamed up to bring you an extended feature on the sweetest flavor of the season, including a Live-Well-approved chocolate treat. We’re loving Rachael’s rundown on chocolate chip cookies, a family favorite, to say the very least!

As always, we love sharing the Joy of Good Food!

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Mary Anne Kowalski and Kris Kowalski Christiansen