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At Home with Kowalski's Magazine - January-February 2020

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Of all the questions we ask ourselves and are asked by customers on a daily basis – "Does it taste good?" "Is it the freshest option?" "What makes this item special?" – the most important question is "Why are we doing this?" This is a question we constantly ask ourselves, and no matter what we're talking about, the response is usually the same. It might surprise you that the answer isn't about selling groceries.

Whether considering a new Signature product, signing on with a new producer or installing a new meat smoker, everything we do we choose because we believe it's the right thing to do. Because it supports local producers. Because it's better for the environment. Because it promotes quality and health and aligns with our values. Because it makes life easier, more delicious and more interesting. Because it sparks joy, community and connectedness.

Connectedness is a big part of the Joy of Good Food. Food brings people together, and our stores bring people together, too. They provide a place to gather, linger and learn. Shoppers at stores that underwent remodels last year, such as Eden Prairie, Lyndale, Woodbury and White Bear Lake, didn't let construction stop them from their rituals of coming in for a meal, a coffee or just a chat with employees, friends and neighbors (even when their café was temporarily moved to the chilly Dairy Department!). This neighborliness is one of the things we love most about our stores. In a sometimes disconnected, increasingly online world, it's nice to be able to provide a place for kids to study or friends to have breakfast or play cards. Bringing people together definitely seems like the right thing to do.

Speaking of bringing people together, we're sharing a special love story on page 5, just in time for Valentine's Day. Kelsey and Andrew are but two of the many, many employees (and customers) who have met or married their partners at Kowalski's over the years. We hope their story will make you smile and that you'll find the rest of this issue of At Home with Kowalski's full of ideas to make your life easier, more delicious and more interesting.

Elsewhere in this issue, look for loads of gift and gourmet suggestions from our team as well as seasonal wine picks from Wine Director Brian Mallie and health guidance from Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Sue Moores. For even more ideas and tips, talk to your favorite stakeholders in your local Kowalski's – they love Kowalski's, but what they really love is helping you.

As always, we love sharing the Joy of Good Food (and Good People)! We look forward to seeing you in the stores.