Beautiful Beans

Full of plant-based protein, fiber, vitamins and iron, we all know that beans are good for our health – but they're also extremely tasty! They're a versatile recipe ingredient that's a staple in cuisines all over the world. Available canned or frozen, they're easy to use. With a range of diverse flavor profiles, it's not hard to find a few you love. Here are but a few of the most popular:

Beans in Bowl

Great Northern Beans – Often mistaken for cannellini beans (which are simply white kidney beans) or the smaller but similar-looking navy beans (commonly used in recipes for baked beans), great Northern beans are creamy, light and nutty, making them ideal for soups and casseroles.

Kidney Beans – Named for their shape, they come in dark and light red shades. They are common in stews (particularly chili) and side dishes.

Black Beans – Mild, slightly sweet and creamy when cooked, black beans are extremely versatile. They're great with spicy, salty or sweet counterparts like peppers, bacon or corn.

Butter Beans – Technically white lima beans, butter beans are large, starchy, creamy, rich and (as their name suggests) buttery. They are popular in bean side dishes like our Calico Beans.

Garbanzo Beans – Also known as chickpeas, they're firm, starchy and nutty. Popular in salads, they are best known as the main ingredient in traditional hummus.

Pinto Beans – From the Spanish word for painted, these beans are named for their beautifully speckled exterior. Their sweet, earthy flavor and smooth, creamy texture are most famous for their use in Mexican-style refried beans.

Edamame – Edamame are tender, mildly sweet and grassy immature soybeans with tough, inedible pods. They are popular served steamed in the shell as a snack. Shelled edamame are most commonly sold frozen.

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