June's Cheeses of the Month

Wisconsin Dairy Month

June is National Dairy Month! Join us as we celebrate Wisconsin dairy farmers and cheesemakers who help define the state and support what has become known as “America’s Dairyland”!

Chardonnay Bellavitano

Chardonnay Bellavitano

A Sartori family original, BellaVitano cheese is inspired by traditional Italian farmstead cheeses. Unique to Wisconsin, it features a rich, creamy texture with a great, craveable taste reminiscent of an aged premium Wisconsin Cheddar balanced with a full-flavored Parmesan. Chardonnay BellaVitano is further enhanced by soaking the cheese in Chardonnay to give it the bright, buttery notes of the wine.

17.49/lb., save $2.50/lb.

Red Rock

Roelli Red Rock

Roelli Cheese Haus was founded in the 1920s when Adolph Roelli, a Swiss immigrant, landed in Lafayette County, WI. Four generations later, Master Cheesemaker Chris Roelli continues to craft his family’s cheese in the exact same location. In the past two decades, Roelli Cheese Haus has shifted focus from industrial Cheddar production to small-scale, artisanal production of American originals. Red Rock is a loaf-shaped Blue Cheddar with a naturally bloomy rind. The cheese is richly colored with annatto and cave-aged to maturity.

27.49/lb., save $1/lb.

Widmer’s 4 year cheddar

Widmer’s 4 Year Cheddar

Located in Teresa, Wisconsin, Master Cheesemaker Joe Widmer’s family has been crafting cheese since his grandfather, John Widmer, arrived from Switzerland more than 80 years ago. The family settled in one of the richest cheesemaking areas in America, and Joe continues the tradition. Widmer’s 4-year Cheddar is rich, nutty and sharp. The occasional crunchy nuggets within the cheese are a result of crystallized amino acids, a sign of aging.

18.99/lb., save $2/lb.

Kowalski's Signature Wild Stag

Kowalski's Signature Wild Stag

This 14-month bandage-wrapped Cheddar was developed by Chris Gentine of Artisan Cheese Exchange and Master Cheesemaker Kerry Henning – exclusively for Kowalski’s! This amazingly balanced, limited-release Cheddar explodes with flavors of butterscotch and toffee on your palate.

$19.99/lb., save $2/lb.