A Celebration of All Things Local! 

Here in the Upper Midwest, we’re extremely fortunate to have a thriving local artisan cheese and specialty scene– great for cheese lovers! Here are a few of our favorite local items to celebrate Minnesota Grown products.

Bent River Camembert

Alemar Cheese Company's Bent River Camembert

Produced in NE Minneapolis, Alemar Cheese Company’s flagship product is a Camembert-style cheese named after the sharp turn of the Minnesota River. It’s available in the market at five weeks. At over six weeks or so, the cheese will fully mature to showcase its optimum texture and flavor profile. As the cheese ages, it will have a smooth paste throughout, right from the center of the cheese. As it ages, the flavors will vary from mellow, mushroomy, milky, buttery and subtle when it’s young, with mushroom leading the way as it ages.

$24.499/lb., save $2/lb.

Shepherd's Way Big Woods Blue

Shepherd's Way Big Woods Blue

Big Woods Blue is a full-flavored sheep’s milk blue cheese produced in Nerstrand, Minnesota. Referred to by many as “the best blue cheese in the country,” this award-winning cheese blends spicy notes of blue with the creaminess of sheep’s milk for a complex flavor.

$32.49/lb., save $1/lb.

Jeff's Select Gouda

Caves of Faribault Jeff's Select Gouda

Self-proclaimed “cheesemakers without borders” Jeff Jirik of Minnesota’s Caves of Faribault and Jeff Wideman of Maple Leaf Cheese in Wisconsin started this aged Gouda in 2009. Wideman’s team makes the 11'' wheels using forms brought over from Europe and sends them to Faribault’s sandstone caverns when they’re between 30 and 60 days.

With a firm texture and a bright-orange rind created by a hand-rubbing of annatto, this Gouda has a complex nut and caramel flavor with a nice amount of tang and a dash of salt on the finish.

$22.99/lb., save $1/lb.

Ames Farm Honeys

Ames Farm Honeys

Located in Delano, Minnesota, Ames Farm is nationally recognized for producing single-source honey, which they define as raw honey from one location, one hive and one time period. Their honey is all natural, made proudly in Minnesota by our own honeybees, and possesses no flavor or color additives of any sort.

Each jar of single-source honey has the location, hive number and floral source printed on the label, making it unique and specific to a time and place in the state.

$8.49/ea., save $1/ea. per 9oz. jar.

Selection and availability varies by market.