Cheese of the Month

November's Cheeses of the Month

As always, Kowalski’s loves nothing more than bringing you the finest cheese selections for celebrating the holidays! We have delicious cheeses from European traditions and new American must-haves that make gathering with friends and family such a pleasure. Our Cheese Specialists are your go-to consultants for entertaining!

St. Angel Triple Cream

Saint Angel Triple Crème

Saint Angel Triple Crème is a bloomy-rind cheese with a creamy paste. It tastes of warm, salted butter that melts on the tongue. Made in the Massif du Pilat (Rhône-Alpes region) in France, this pasteurized cow’s milk cheese is delicious with fresh fruit and crusty bread.

$19.99/lb., save $2/lb.

Cubes of cheese in herbed olive oil

Meredith Dairy Marinated Sheep & Goat Cheese

This soft, spreadable sheep and goat’s milk cheese is marinated in blended Australian extra virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs. It has a refreshing citrus tang that’s delicious in salads, soups and sandwiches and on crusty bread. This luxurious, award-winning cheese is incredibly addictive and very versatile.

$10.99/lb., save $1.50/lb.

Kowalski’s Signature Comté

Kowalski’s Signature Comté

Our Comté is aged for 12-15 months at Fort Lucotte in the Jura Mountains at 1,100 meters above sea level. It is then hand-selected for Kowalski’s by Fromageries Marcel Petite’s master affineur. Our Comté captures the essence of raw mountain-pasture-fed cow’s milk with its nutty, savory and slightly fruity notes. It’s the perfect addition to any cheese board and is a fantastic melting cheese for fondue or French onion soup.

$29.99/lb., save $4/lb.

Soft blue cheese on board

Rogue River Blue

Rogue Creamery’s award-winning, limited-edition Rogue River Blue is only made during the fall season, when cooler temperatures and wet weather bring renewed growth to the pastures and their cow’s milk is at its best. After 9-11 months of careful tending in aging caves, each wheel is hand-wrapped in organic, biodynamic Syrah grape leaves soaked in pear spirits. This seasonal blue has a rabid fan following and goes fast. Grab some while you can!

$67.49/lb., save $4/lb.

Isigny Sainte-Mère Chantilly Crème

Isigny Ste-Mère Chantilly Crème

This rich, fluffy cream is prepared with the best milk in Normandy, right in the heart of the Bessin and Cotentin districts. It is lightly flavored with the best natural vanilla in the world, sourced from Madagascar. It will enhance all your desserts and hot drinks. It’s perfect on top of pumpkin pie. No one will know you didn’t make it from scratch!

$7.79/ea. Save $1/ea.