Combining Kombucha and Cheese

Local Pick: Capra Nera Creamery's Contadina & Prohibition The Sicilian Kombucha
Capra Nera Creamery's Contadina & Prohibition The Sicilian Kombucha

Some drink it for its probiotic properties or other potential health benefits. Others simply enjoy kombucha for its refreshing bubbles and fresh, sometimes complex flavors. Such characteristics make this sweet-tart fermented tea a great nonalcoholic partner for specialty cheese. Here are a few pairings worth checking out:

  • Fleur de Ré Cendrée Ash-Ripened Goat Cheese & GT's Pink Lady Basil Kombucha – The saltiness of this cheese plays well with the fresh, vibrant flavors of the Pink Lady apples and basil in the brew.
  • Pleasant Ridge Reserve Alpine-Style Cheese & GT's Synergy Trilogy Kombucha – This pairing brings the best out of both products. The lemon-raspberry acidity in this kombucha cuts through the richness of one of America's most awarded cheeses. What you're left with is the intense, earthy, grassy tanginess that this cheese is so well known for. It is simply perfect.
  • St. Pete's Select Blue Cheese & GT's Synergy Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha – This kombucha's tart cranberry flavor plays off the fruitiness of this spectacular local blue cheese. A little salty, a little sweet, a lot awesome!

Local Pick:

  • Capra Nera Creamery's Contadina & Prohibition The Sicilian Kombucha – Katie Wiste of Altura, Minnesota, makes this nutty, salty raw goat's milk cheese that's aged for at least 60 days. Firm and dry, it resembles Parmigiano-Reggiano crossed with aged Cheddar. Nate Uri's handmade local kombucha comes in a beautiful brown long-neck bottle. It's citrusy, tart and flavored with juniper, lemon and orange blossom water. You'll notice the lemon first, then the juniper as your palate begins to perceive the earthier flavor notes in the cheese. The Sicilan features Tieguanyin tea, a Chinese oolong sourced from small family farms by David Duckler of Verdant Tea.

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