Easy Dinner Solutions

Pulled pork on a plate and bun with a side of BBQ sauce

Our Meat Production Kitchen, located at our Shoreview Market, produces our Meat & Seafood Departments with a wide range of quick, no-prep meal options that are ready to pop right into the oven. Our marinated kabobs, breaded chicken, stuffed pork chops and chicken breasts, appetizers, crab cakes and more are perfect for busy on-the-go families, families, tailgating parties, large gatherings or people looking for a convenient dinner solution.

Our kitchen is inspected daily by the State of Minnesota, and standards equal to USDA regulations are in place to ensure the integrity and safety of all our products.

Our Production Kitchen is also equipped with two industrial rotisserie-style meat smokers, which we use to smoke our Fully Cooked, Lightly Smoked Meats and Kansas City Style BBQ Meats. These options, available in the Meat Department Service Cases, are fully cooked and only need to be reheated.