Editor's Picks - July 2019

Takuko White Shoyu

Whether you have a vacation planned this month or not, you can experience flavors from around the world with Culinary Director Rachael Perron's roundup of the best new products in store right now:


Special Sauce

Lighter in color, flavor and body and slightly sweeter that traditional soy sauce, white soy sauce is a rare and prized ingredient in Japanese cuisine. It's particularly great for sushi and sashimi. Look for Takuko White Shoyu in the Global Foods Aisle.

Esti Hummus


Take a Dip

Esti makes non-GMO, gluten-free, super-premium hummus from a traditional Greek recipe in delicious flavors like Lemon, Pesto, Kalamata Olive and more. Made with no preservatives, they have a uniquely smooth texture and authentic taste. Look for Esti in the Deli or Dairy Department.

Black Garlic Molasses



Black Magic

Black Garlic Molasses has the texture of syrupy, extra-aged balsamic with a nutty, sweet roasted garlic flavor profile. This authentic Japanese condiment may be used in place of balsamic glaze. Try it on a seasonal caprese salad, drizzle over ramen or stir fry, whisk into salad dressing or use in a marinade. It’s in the Global Foods Aisle.

Zia Hatch Chiles


Pick a Pepper

Georgia has peaches, Idaho has potatoes and New Mexico has Hatch Chiles. A crop harvested once per year in the fall, Hatch Chiles can only be grown in the Hatch Valley of southern New Mexico due to its high altitude, dry climate and rich soil. Like products of the Champagne region of France, a true Hatch Chile comes from nowhere other than the Hatch Valley of New Mexico.

Café Spice Meals


Global to Go

Fresh, authentically prepared Indian meals from Café Spice were created by celebrated chef Hari Nayak, who’s made multiple appearances as a guest chef on Food Network's Beat Bobby Flay. They're made with all natural, antibiotic-free chicken, freshly ground spices, rBST-free milk and non-GMO expeller-pressed canola oil. Many meals are gluten free, vegetarian or vegan. Find a variety of delicious choices in the Deli Department in the Grab & Go Case.


Selection and availability of products vary by market.