Editor's Picks: Local Spotlight

In September we always celebrate local, and this month's crop of Editor’s Picks from Culinary Director Rachael Perron is all about it! She's sharing the stories of three local entrepreneurs who’ve created special products perfect for this season.

3 Bear Oats


Just Right

Therese Moore of Minneapolis developed 3 Bear Oats to celebrate the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hoo-ga). Hygge warms hearts and homes with an emphasis on relaxation, indulgence and gratitude. It promotes finding warmth amidst friends, glowing fires and good oats in the months following the solstice. Ranging from sweet to savory, 3 Bear Oats' naturally gluten-free heat-and-eat oat bowls are a quick, delicious and healthy go-to any time of day. Find them in the Frozen Foods Section.

Mostly Made

Hot Dish Helper

Jillian McGary of Minnetonka created Mostly Made to eliminate time-consuming meal prep so you can assemble a fresh, family-friendly, homemade and healthy supper that's faster than frozen pizza and easier than boxed mac 'n' cheese. Mostly Made means no slicing, dicing, simmering and, most importantly, no kitchen mess. Just add a few grocery store ingredients like pasta, tortillas and cheese. Through their program Random Acts of Casseroles, they give one meal for each case sold to the Ronald McDonald House of the Upper Midwest. Mostly Made Enchilada Filling and Lasagna Filling are in the Frozen Foods Section.

Northern Craft Soda


Bubble Up

Jesse Hopkins of White Bear Lake brings us hand-crafted soda produced in small batches by actual human beings. Northern Soda is 1950s-style craft soda made with cane sugar – not corn syrup – right in Arden Hills, Minnesota. It’s bubbly, crisp and refreshing. Look for a wide selection of flavors in the Soda Aisle.




Selection and availability of products vary by market.