Food Matters, Truth Matters: A Cut Above

Troy Schmeling, Kowalski's Meat & Seafood Director
Troy Schmeling, Kowalski's Meat & Seafood Director

A note from former Meat & Seafood Director Troy Schmeling, June 2022:

We have an exciting new 40-day-aged USDA Prime beef program in our Meat Departments. We're happy to be able to offer this delicious new product in three steak cuts: rib-eye, sirloin and strips.

Beef pricing continues to be a key governing issue here at Kowalski's, and we have some GOOD NEWS to share:

As we expected, beef market prices, which had reached record highs earlier this year, have now come down enough that we were able to REDUCE PRICES on many USDA Choice and Prime steak cuts!

Throughout this inflationary period, we have remained consistent in the procurement and pricing of our meat programs. We've stayed true to our core standards, bringing our customers the highest-quality meats raised with no added growth hormones or antibiotics and pricing them competitively. Raising livestock according to these standards costs more money, but the consistent performance on the dinner plate and peace of mind we have knowing that our meat is raised with the industry's strictest humane raising standards comes first.

We'll continue to monitor markets closely and make adjustments when and where we can.

We hope you all enjoy time off this weekend and put your culinary expertise to good use grilling up the perfect meats for your holiday guests.

Thank you for your continued loyalty!