Food Matters, Truth Matters: Life is What You Bake it

Russ Tourville, Kowalski's Bakery & Private Label Director
Russ Tourville, Kowalski's Bakery & Private Label Director

A note from our Bakery Director Russ Tourville, October 2021:

Made from scratch – No other grocer makes as many products from scratch as we do. We focus our efforts on making our baked goods from personal, family recipes starting with a bowl and some basic ingredients. We are not food scientists, so we don’t mess with additives and preservatives to make things last longer, hold color longer, or to make and keep things soft. We make things soft by whipping more air into them. We make things chewy by incorporating the right natural ingredients. Our own experienced pastry chefs do our recipe testing, and we don’t have set standards for how long this process should take. We develop recipes for as long as necessary to ensure they meet our very high standards, even if it takes YEARS. Few, if any, grocery store bakeries can say the same.

If we can’t make something from scratch, we find someone who can. We partner with other bakeries, especially local ones, that hold the same baking values we do. This allows us to offer top-quality specialty items, like halva, macarons, tiramisu and the best assortment of gluten-free baked goods in town.

As fresh as possible – Most everything in our fresh bakery cases – breads, rolls, muffins, donuts, cookies and many other things – are made daily and baked right in-store by our bakers. They have a ONE-DAY shelf life. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t rely on artificial preservatives or hold things to get another day out of them.

Strict shelf life – Our packaged bakery products have, by far, the shortest shelf lives in the retail grocery world. We strive to ensure that every customer has an opportunity to enjoy their purchase for days after the “sell by” date.

Great taste – Some grocers use inexpensive ingredients to save money, but in the end, what matter to us most isn’t price – it’s how it tastes. We use fresh butter, real vanilla, cane sugar and other top-quality ingredients just like the ones you have in your own kitchen. We eat these products, too, so we expect them to be as clean and as close to homemade as possible! We taste test over and over until we are sure we are offering you the absolute best of everything. (It’s a tough job, but we manage!)