Health & Wellness

Live Well by Kowalski's logo

Welcome to Live Well, our refreshingly positive, can-do program to help you enjoy a vibrant, healthy life. Throughout our stores you’ll find healthful foods and resources to help you eat well and be well.

Plan on being surprised and delighted as you discover new flavors, new foods, new products and new ideas that can add fun to your shopping, ease to the day and a sense of strength and balance to your life.

Look for the Live Well logo all over the store.

Pouring Milk on Cereal and Fruit

Live Well Foods

Shelf tags and point-of-sale signs indicate foods that are part of our Live Well program, from breads to yogurts and everything in between. Each Live Well food must meet certain health-focused criteria that science and research have indicated are important.

  • We look at foods in their entirety, focusing both on ingredient lists and nutritional content. Foods are tagged if they can contribute positively toward your health. For foods that don't offer much nutritionally, such as salad dressings and chips, we consider the wholesome nature of the ingredients along with the fat, sugar and sodium contribution they make to one's diet.
  • We don't include foods that contain artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and ingredients that research questions as healthful.
  • We also don't include highly fortified foods. Mother Nature devised a careful synergy amongst the nutrients in our food. Added nutrients may negatively affect that natural balance and potentially affect how well nutrients are used in the body.
  • We value and pay attention to how foods are made and favor producers who, like us, care deeply about sustainability and quality and take pride in how their products are grown, raised and created.

Live Well Resources

In addition to tags and labels that make it easy to identify Live Well products, you can also:

  • Sample Live Well foods showcased during our popular in-store events and regular weekend demos.
  • Check out articles written by our nutritionist, who appears regularly in our complimentary in-store publication, At Home with Kowalski's. Many more health-focused articles are also available online.
  • Catch our regular media appearances.
  • Find Live Well recipes and menus in our in-store kiosk and online.
  • Talk to our staff. They're the experts when it comes to sourcing, buying, storing, using and enjoying all the products we sell that help you Live Well.