In Season: Minnesota Grown Tomatoes

Tomatoes on the Vine

While we work hard to bring the best of Minnesota Grown to our customers all year round, we take it easy this time of year – or at least it feels a little easier. That's because more of the best that Minnesota farmers have to offer comes to us in the last few months of summer and into the fall, including Minnesota Grown tomatoes.

Local greenhouses full of happy bees keep us stocked with Minnesota Grown tomatoes year-round, but if ever there was a best month for local tomatoes, it's now. This is especially so for the glorious fruits of Jerry Untiedt's labors, grown in Waverly, Minnesota. Picked only when ripe and delicately packed and delivered to us daily, Untiedt's tomatoes are always ready to enjoy. Use them within a day or two of purchase, as they do continue to ripen after harvest. Whether or not you refrigerate them may be debatable, but tomatoes do taste best at room temperature, so when possible, store whole (not cut) tomatoes shoulders down on the counter to maximize the surface contact and minimize pressure on this tender, delicious fruit.

Tomatoes are great in everything, whether it's salads, sauces, soups, pasta dishes or sandwiches. Showcase them in our favorite tomato recipes below.

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