Central Facility Job Openings

All Kowalski's Central Facility positions are based out of our Shoreview Market at 441 Highway 96.

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Production Kitchen Associate (Part-time)

Position functions and work direction are provided by Kitchen Manager, Kitchen Assistant Manager

Seeking a long-term employee for a position with an emphasis on providing quality products to our Stores and most importantly our customer base in an accurate, timely and cleanly manner. Position requires ongoing moderate to heavy lifting, walking, standing, repetition and use of equipment, exposure to cold surfaces (44 degrees), social skills, judgment/decision making, reading of recipes, recipe conversions, math skills, and a “can do” attitude.

Knowledge of Standards, Procedures and Job Expectations

  1. Understanding timeliness and prioritizing tasks in all aspects of the department
  2. Assist with daily preparation.
  3. Ensure proper handling, sanitation, freshness and quality of product.
  4. Ensure proper assembly of all menu items.
  5. Disperse product out to proper stores
  6. Follows tare weight procedures.
  7. Take temperatures to ensure proper cooler temperatures
  8. Assist in receiving of product.
  9. Ensure invoice matches product being put away
  10. Ensure all items are being rotated properly.
  11. Monitors product quality.
  12. Make sure all items are refrigerated immediately when required.
  13. Maintains a clean and sanitary work environment.
  14. Wash hands when first entering the kitchen, touches face, return from restroom or break.
  15. Washes all dishes in timely manner.
  16. Clean and sanitize work area after each menu item complete.
  17. Breaks down boxes immediately after emptying.
  18. Breakdown and drain dish machine. Put’s dry dishes away                  

Other Tasks:  General tasks for all stakeholders.

  • Assist with ordering
  • Associate training
  • Product development
  • Take trash out at end of shift.
  • Wipe down carts and tables at break-time and end of shift
  • It is your responsibility to arrive on time and in full uniform for all scheduled shifts (refer to Attendance, Uniform, Hair restraint, Jewelry, and Nail Policies)
  • Any additional duty the Manager assigns.