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Deli Department Hot Foods Chef (Part Time)

Emphasis in this position involves providing prompt, courteous, and accurate service to customers. Primary learning challenge is in product knowledge, executing proper preparation of salads, sandwiches, meals, and display of product in the Deli case. Position requires standing/walking, lifting (up to 50 lbs.) excellent decision making and social skills, and miscellaneous duties. Position functions and work discretion are provided by the Deli Manager, Deli Supervisor, or Store Manager.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Available to work weekends and holidays
  • Attention to detail
  • Food-handling experience preferred

Demos (Part Time)

Emphasis in this position is to prepare and present food for both live and/or silent demos. Provide courteous, friendly, and accurate service to customers; be able to answer questions, educate the customer about the product and give culinary suggestions. Project a professional, clean appearance. Ensure proper handling, sanitation, freshness and quality of products; keep temperature-controlled foods within food safety standards. Setting up and taking down demo stands and equipment.


  • Must enjoy cooking and working with food
  • Outgoing and enjoy talking to people about the products that are being demoed
  • Goal-oriented and looking to challenge yourself
  • Available to work Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Able to work 15-28 hours a week