Kowalski's Dinner Pre-Paired Meal Kits

Dinner Pre-Paired by Kowalski's

We are proud to introduce Dinner Pre-Paired, Kowalski's very own meal kit program, which aims to make home-cooking easier and tastier than alternatives! Kits are available without a subscription and feature a main dish paired with a chef-selected side or accompaniment. In addition to the same great proteins and produce you'll find in our markets, we pack the kits with some prepared fresh ingredients (like garlic, onions, etc.) to further save you time and lessen food waste.

You can find the menu below in stores now. Look for Dinner Pre-Paired Meal Kits in the Meat Department.

Key Features of Dinner Pre-Paired:

  • Available without a subscription – no advance planning or long-term commitment required
  • Hand-prepped and packaged by Kowalski's
  • Each kit serves 2 adults and are available in prices ranging from $17.99-$27.99
  • More environmentally friendly than national meal kit programs because they require less packaging, create less food waste and use less fuel to transport than alternatives
  • Easy to make at home in about 30 minutes or less
  • Includes pre-measured ingredients so you can bring home just what you need
  • Provide just enough hands-on prep to boost kitchen skills and confidence
  • A fun way to sample and learn about unique ingredients without buying a large quantity
  • Feature premium-quality ingredients sold throughout Kowalski's, including Naturally Raised proteins

Selection and availability of kits vary by market.