Editor's Picks - January 2019

Healthful choices top Culinary Director Rachael Perron's list of top selections for January 2019. They include picks from local partners and female entrepreneurs Marie Smith and Nancy Fink, creators of Bullenbees Skin Care and Spoon Optional sippable soups, respectively.

Bullenbees Products

For the Bees

Fed up with reactions to other skin care products and unimpressed with their results, local Marie Smith created Bullenbees Skin Care. Made with natural ingredients like willow bark extract, avocado oil and green tea, her products contain vitamins B3, B5, E and Coenzyme Q10 to provide real results for all types of skin. The line includes a moisturizer, night cream, eye serum, face wash and scrub along with products for treating skin irritations, inflammations and chapped hands and feet. There's even a DEET-free insect repellent. Products are free of mineral oils, phthalates, dyes, parabens, fragrances and petrolatum. Find Bullenbees in the Gift Department.

The Neat Egg



The Recipe Swap

The Neat Egg is an easy-to-mix, all natural vegan egg replacement that can be used in your favorite recipes as a binding agent in place of real eggs. Just add water. It's especially great for baking. Find it in the Baking Aisle in the Grocery Department.

Soup Optional


Just a Sip

Fresh, organic, sippable soups from Spoon Optional are certified organic, vegan and made with real, recognizable, whole ingredients. Made to be sipped cold, several are delicious when warm, too. Find a variety of flavors in the Grab & Go Section of the Deli Department.

Bare Bones Broth


Bone to Pick

Made with organic chicken or grass-fed beef, filtered water, organic vegetables, herbs and spices, Bare Bones is slow-simmered for 20+ hours for maximum nutrient extraction. These delicious bone broths are loaded with bioavailable collagen, gelatin, amino acids and minerals. Find Classic Chicken, Classic Turkey and Rosemary Lemon Bare Bones in the Grocery Department in the Soup Aisle.

Selection and availability of products vary by market.