Cooking At Home: Wake Up Call

Contributed by Kowalski's Culinary & Branding Director Rachael Perron

I've never been a breakfast person – that is to say I've never been a sweet breakfast person. (My husband would agree that there's nothing sweet about me in the morning.) Even as a kid I'd prefer to eat sugary cereals as a bedtime snack rather than first thing in the morning. Pancakes for dinner was always a nice change once in a while, too. But if I have to eat before 11 a.m., please give me an onion bagel or a slice of Quiche Lorraine before you dare offer me waffles or coffee cake.

I'm also somewhat obsessed with tacos (and frankly, I don't trust anyone who doesn't like tacos). When asked "If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life..." I always answer tacos. They're so versatile you'd never tire of them. You can stuff them with steak, chicken, pork, veggies (I LOVE a good veggie taco), fish, seafood and, yes, that most perfect of breakfast foods, eggs – or as I call them (by their full name), Eggs and Bacon. Because why would you ever eat the one without the other? Our recipe for Bacon and Eggs Tacos is everything you love about breakfast wrapped in a griddled flour tortilla.

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Bacon and Egg Tacos