Pancakes on Point

A stack of heart-shaped pancakes with berries on top

Who makes the best pancakes? Whoever makes them for you, that's who! This Valentine's Day, make their favorite pancakes for your special someones. With all pancake recipes, a few tips will ensure the most success:

  • Whisk together pancake mix and water until just moistened; add more water as needed to reach a loose but not watery consistency.
  • The reason the last few homemade pancakes are always fluffier is time. Don't rush the batter from the mixing bowl to griddle. Once mixed, let it stand and allow it to become bubbly before cooking.
  • Lightly coat a large nonstick skillet or griddle with canola oil. Oil is preferred to butter in that it won't make the pancakes too dark.
  • Before adding batter, wipe the hot skillet with a paper towel to coat pan evenly and absorb excess oil.
  • Cook over medium heat.
  • Cook until edges are set and dry and bubbles begin to burst on the surface (2-5 min.). Flip pancakes; cook until golden-brown on the bottom (1-3 min.).
  • Don't forget the syrup! Once opened, Kowalski's Pure Maple Syrup is best kept in the fridge (a high-moisture content and lack of preservatives makes real maple syrup an ideal environment for yeast, mold and bacteria growth), but it's best served warm. For a real treat, add 2 tbsp. of Kowalski's Unsalted Butter to every 1 ½ cups of syrup before heating.

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