Sweet Shortcut

Thumbprint cookies filled with raspberry jam next to a cup of hot cocoa

Baking (or at least eating) cookies is a popular pastime during the holiday season, though it comes at a time when many of us find ourselves busier than ever. Fortunately, a powdered-sugar-dusted Russian tea cake, iced ginger or buttery spritz cookie is only as far away as your local Kowalski's Market – and so is a little shortcut that can make your home-baked dreams come true.

A thumbprint cookie, which is named for the thumb-shaped indentation in its center, is another favorite of cookie lovers this time of year. You can buy them fresh in the Bakery Department, of course, but Kowalski's Shortbread Cookie Mix, a bit of butter, your favorite filling and just one bowl are all you need to make them yourself! We love them with Kowalski's Raspberry Jam, but you can fill them with lemon curd or caramel, too.

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A plastic cork from a wine bottle will make perfect indentations in each cookie.
Kowalski's Baking Mixes

Local Connection

All of Kowalski's Baking Mixes are locally made from Signature recipes and contain no additives or artificial preservatives. They're easy, delicious and extremely fun! Varieties include:

  • Shortbread Cookie Mix
  • Oatmeal Shortbread Cookie Mix
  • Scone Mix
  • Biscuit Mix

Look for them in the Bakery Department.

Selection and availability of products and ingredients vary by market.