The Perfect Winter Steak

Steak in a Cast Iron Pan

Have your steak and eat it, too! Though patio weather may seem far off, a great steak doesn't have to be grilled outdoors. The finest steakhouses in the world cook their steaks and chops indoors. Pan roasting, which combines a flash-in-the-pan sear with the perfect even heat of a hot oven, achieves ideal exterior texture and a perfectly cooked interior every single time.

Try your hand at this cooking technique using our easy-to-follow recipe for The Perfect Winter Steak.

In the Spotlight: Akaushi Beef

The best steak starts with the best beef. Available exclusively at Kowalski's and the finest Twin Cities restaurants, Akaushi beef is regarded as the finest available breed for Kobe-style beef. Significant marbling results in an extremely tender, rich flavor experience. Higher in monounsaturated fat and lower in saturated fat than conventionally raised beef, Akaushi also contains elevated levels of beneficial oleic acid. Kowalski's Akaushi comes from the largest purebred group of Akaushi cattle (also known as Japanese Red) outside Japan. As with all of Kowalski's Naturally Raised choices, it contains no antibiotics or added hormones ever.

Taste the difference of Akaushi in one of the most beloved Kowalski's recipes, Beef Stroganoff. It's a comfort-food classic that's also a super choice for the season.