Copper River "Drifters" Join the Kowalski's Team

Mike and Nelly HandKowalski's is proud to introduce our new fishermen, Mike and Nelly Hand, owners of "Drifters Fish"! Here they are with the first catch of the season! This husband and wife team from Cordova, Alaska, fishes the pristine Copper River and their hard work is now an exciting and delicious Kowalski's exclusive.

Mike and Nelly use unique practices for catching and processing their salmon, methods that are far from the norm for Copper River. Aside from special techniques for catching and processing the fish, they also keep the fish layered on ice while on board. Most boats on the River don't carry ice because it costs more in fuel to haul it and allows for less fish on the boat. And unlike most of the Copper River Salmon found elsewhere, ours is flown directly to the Twin Cities from Cordova; other retailers wait 3-5 days while their fish is trucked from Alaska.

You can see more info about Mike and Nelly at their website and Facebook page at and

Mike Hand on The Sprite Nelly and Mike Hand

We are Michael and Nelly Hand.

We believe the good life is living simply and eating well.

We love each other, wild salmon and our red Volkswagen van.

Nelly has grown up fishing summers in Cordova, Alaska, with her family.

Michael started fishing summers during college.

Together we now fish the beautiful Copper River and Prince Willam Sound on our 27-foot gill-netting boat called the Sprite.

Fishing the Copper River Drifters Salmon

Learn more about our Copper River Salmon program here.

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