How It Works

Blackened Zucchini Salad

Foods selected for the Good Foods for Good Health program must meet certain criteria. Our nutritionist, Sue Moores, MS, RD, created this program to highlight the nutritious, wholesome foods you can find throughout our markets.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has guidelines for what makes a food "healthy," and those are part of the Good Foods for Good Health equation, too. Besides selecting foods for the nutrients they contain:

  • We take into consideration the amount and type of fat, sodium, cholesterol and added sugars in a food.
  • We pay attention to and steer clear of artificial colors, sweeteners and ingredients that research questions as healthful.
  • We avoid highly fortified foods. Mother Nature seems to have created a natural synergy amongst nutrients in a food. Too much of any one nutrient affects that natural balance and potentially how nutrients are used in the body.
Citrus Grilled Halibut with Quinoa

Program Philosophy

It's simple. Just look for the Good Foods for Good Health logo throughout our markets. It's in every corner of the store. All sorts of fresh and packaged foods are highlighted with GFFGH tags and signs because they have the right mix of nutrients to support your good health.


In addition to tags and labels that make it easy to identify foods that are part of the program, you can also:

  • Sample the Good Foods for Good Health features we showcase during weekend product demos.
  • Sign up for our Good Foods for Good Health classes offered throughout the year.
  • Check out articles written by our nutritionist in our e-newsletter (sign up here) or in our complementary At Home with Kowalski's magazine, available at every market.
  • Look for our nutrition posting on Facebook
  • Catch our regular TV segments.
  • Pick up the Good Foods for Good Health Dinner Tonight menus in our kiosk. There are many delicious, easy meals specially created and labeled as Good Foods for Good Health.

Contact Our Nutritionist

If you have questions or need information on certain products, Kowalski's Nutritionist Sue Moores is happy to be of assistance. Sue is a registered dietitian, creator of Good Foods for Good Health and our seasoned resource on how foods can help keep you in fine form. She can be reached at